Custom Stained Ring Box

stained wood ring box

Figuring out a vessel for our wedding bands was one of the last things I planned for my own wedding. I didn’t need anything elaborate, but I certainly didn’t want our ring bearer to lose the bands before the ceremony. I made a super easy, but beautiful, stained and painted wooden box for our rings. I recreated the tutorial so that you too can make a stunning ring box for cheap.

Step 1 – Find a Suitable Box

I bought my small, hinged wooden box at my local AC Moore craft store. It was only $1, and I also used a coupon to make it cost even less. Since you’ll be staining or painting your box, don’t worry about getting anything too fancy. A lightweight pine box will be great.

Step 2 – Paint or Stain

While you could paint your box, I decided to use a stain on it. I think it looks great with the rustic/farm aesthetic. For my box, I used a dark walnut “wood finish” stain by Minwax. You’ll only need a small amount of stain, so buy the absolute smallest container you can find.

making custom stained ring box

When applying the stain, first you should gently stir the container to make sure it’s well mixed. You’ll then want to use a paintbrush to apply a wet coat of stain on your box- enough to generously coat it, but not enough to puddle up. Use an old t-shirt or rag to rub the stain in and to absorb any remaining liquid. One go-round of your box should be sufficient to coat it, but you’ll just want to check for complete coverage. Ideally, you’ll do this outside or in a garage, since the stain has a strong chemical odor. Leave your box to dry for a few days in the same well-ventilated area.

stained ring box

Step 3 – Create Your Stencil Design

Once your box is dry and stained, it’s time to think about what design or words you’d like to apply to it. You could choose a quote, monogram, your wedding date, or any other design that speaks to you and reflects your wedding’s look.

I wanted to paint my design just on the top lid, and I went with a laurel design that I used throughout other wedding pieces. I measured the top of my box and resized the laurel design on Photoshop. I then printed it out on plain copy paper.

transfer design onto wood using chalk

Step 4 – Transfer It

Next I needed to transfer my design onto the box.

First, I cut the sheet of my design down so it was more manageable. I then flipped it over and applied white chalk all along the back of my paper. I taped this piece of paper onto my box, with the printed outline facing up. Just make sure your design is centered at this point. Next, I used a mechanical pencil, with the lead inside, to trace over the lines of my laurel design. I made sure to use significant pressure, but not enough to leave a mark in the wood. When I picked up my paper, I had transferred a chalk outline of my design onto the wood!

chalk design transfer

Step 5 – Fill in the Stencil

Now that I had an outline of my design on the wooden box, I just needed to make it permanent. I used white paint and a tiny detail brush to paint over the chalk guidelines.

stained ring box with laurels

After my paint was dry, I wiped the box down with a damp paper towel to remove any leftover chalk residue. If you’d like, you could spray a sealant on top of your box to keep the paint in place, but it’s probably not necessary.

open stained and painted ring box

Now you’re left with a beautiful ring box for your wedding. Depending on what supplies you already have on hand; it’s possible this project will cost you less than one dollar, like it did for me.

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