Custom Toasting Glasses

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Custom toasting glasses are a unique way to add a personalized detail to the table on the big day. These glasses could be a great gift for the bride and groom, or a great gift from the bride and groom to the bridal party or parents. Depending on who the toasting glasses are for, you may choose traditional champagne flutes, or maybe wine glasses, or even beer steins.

For this project, I am making custom toasting champagne flutes for the bride and groom. I have decided that I want to make these very personalized for the individuals and I’m doing so by creating designs very unique to their story as a couple and including design nods towards them as individuals. I think that by adding the design elements that are unique to their story make the glasses all the more special!


Step 1: To begin custom toasting glasses, it’s best to have an idea of what you want these glasses to look like before you start painting, otherwise you can end up with something that looks odd or mish-mashed. Also make sure you have the needed items for the project. You will need paint brushes, preferably a brush set with multiple types of brushes. You’ll also need paint. Make sure you buy paint that can be applied to glass. I like the value packs of paint that provides multiple colors, so you can be as creative as you want! Of course, you will need the glasses you’ll be painting, some newspaper, and some cups for washing the paint brushes in between colors.

Step 2: So, once you know what you want to do, grab your paint, brushes, mod podge, glasses, newspaper (or whatever surface protector you choose), and glasses or cups for washing the brushes as well as some paper towel.

more supplies

Step 3: Before you start painting your design, apply a thin layer of mod podge with a brush to your glasses. This acts as a glue for your paint to stick to. Make sure you apply it lightly. You don’t want streaky white lines. It may look odd at first, but it’s normal. It’ll become more translucent as it dries and once you wash, it’ll look better.

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Step 4: Begin painting your design. I like to paint my trickier details on the newspaper to make sure I don’t screw it up. I can’t erase the paint once I apply it to the glass, so I go by the motto practice makes perfect. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you want. Have fun! It is best to apply multiple layers of the paint onto the glass to ensure it stays on the glass and doesn’t easily wash off. Use a generous amount of paint when applying your design and reapply another layer afterwards.


Step 5: Once you have finished with your design, apply another layer of mod podge to seal the paint onto the glass. I am using the dishwasher safe mod podge so the couple don’t have to worry about hand washing their toasting glasses and it’ll make it easier for them to reuse them once their anniversary comes, or whenever they feel like having a special toast!

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