DIY Baby’s Breath Bouquet Tutorial


The rising trend of baby’s breath bouquets provides a welcome relief for brides who are looking for ways to reduce floral costs. Making this bohemian inspired trend even more budget-friendly is the fact that it can be a simple DIY project. Although the process is simple and inexpensive, the end result can easily stand up to a custom bouquet from a florist.

A benefit of this project is that the bouquets can be assembled the day before the wedding. This is a great opportunity to include the involvement of family and friends who are eager to help. Do not make the bouquets much earlier than the day before the wedding to ensure the blooms are at their freshest. Be sure to schedule this project prior to your manicure, as floral work is detrimental to fingernails!

To ensure your confidence, you can purchase a bunch of baby’s breath at a grocery store to practice months before the wedding. Take your time and experiment with different looks so the end result will be perfect for your wedding.

To begin, gather your materials. You can purchase loose flowers in bulk from a florist. Be sure to order the baby’s breath in advance, and follow up with the florist prior to the wedding. As with every aspect of wedding planning, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount since you will be doing the assembly yourself. Greenery may also be added if you wish to differentiate the bride’s bouquet from the other bouquets.

In addition to flowers, you will also need ribbon, florist pins, and scissors.

Separate the number of stems you wish to use for each bouquet to ensure each one is the right size. You will probably want the bride’s bouquet to be larger than the rest. To further distinguish the maid of honor, you can make her bouquet slightly larger than the rest of the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Starting from right below the blooms, wrap your ribbon tightly down the stems, stopping about halfway down for a partial wrapped look. It may help to have an extra pair of hands to hold the bouquet while you wrap.

Now, add the florist pins, pointing upward along the ribbon. Securely insert the pin into the stems, making sure that they do not poke through the other side—bloody hands on a wedding day isn’t pretty.

Finally, trim the stems of the bouquet so it will be the size you wish to carry. Measure from right below the blooms and cut about ten inches for a standard size bouquet. Trim each stem on an angle to allow water to get to the blooms.

Once completed, lock the bouquets in a safe place. Store the bouquets in vases of water in a very cool room or refrigerator overnight.

This project is a wonderful option if you are on a budget and wishing to add even more of a DIY element to your wedding. Also because this project can be completed in a hotel room with limited space it is feasible for a destination wedding, where reputable florists may not be nearby.

About Rebecca: I am a native Virginian living in the Metro Atlanta area with my best friend/husband. My lifelong infatuation with weddings escalated when I planned my May 2013 wedding. I am so excited to have a creative outlet in Weddingbee to share my obsession now that my wedding planning days are over.  You can usually find me posing as a foodie in the kitchen, on YouTube watching sprees, or fishing with my husband.  My favorite things include: house hunting, 90?s music and television, the color yellow, and large cups of coffee. Follow me on Google.

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