DIY Blue Wedding Garter

Garter 12

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” If you’re traditional like me, these old wedding rules apply to you. Today I’m here to help you with your something blue. These garters are adorable and easy to make. You can customize them however you’d like. In my example I’ve used little flowers and beads, but you can change it up and use feathers, gems, buttons, seashells, etc. The possibilities are endless!

A note before we start, the gluing of the lace onto your elastic will render the elastic “not stretchy.” That’s a technical term by the way. Even though the garter isn’t super stretchy, if you measure right, your garter should have no problem staying in place. This is the price we pay for not wanting to sew. If you’re an expert sewer, then by all means sew the lace on. The rest of us will stick to the easy way and compromise on the stretch factor. Okay, let’s begin.

You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • A hot glue gun
  • Medium flat elastic
  • Blue lace ribbon
  • White lace ribbon
  • Focal point decorations (fake flowers, beads, etc.)

Garter 1

Step 1: Grab your elastic. Measure the elastic around your thigh and then double it. Without the elasticity you’ll need the extra length to work with. We’ll measure again later.

Step 2: Spread out your elastic on a flat surface and measure two blue strips and one white strip of lace to match the length of your elastic. Cut the lace to length.

Step 3: Heat up your hot glue gun and glue down a strip of blue lace near the bottom of the elastic strip.

Garter 2

Garter 3

Step 4: Glue your white lace strip in the middle of the elastic strip.

Garter 4

Step 5: Glue your last blue lace strip to the elastic at the very top. This way, the entire elastic strip is covered.

Garter 5

Step 6: Pick a “middle” on your garter to begin building a focal point.

Garter 6

Step 7: Add visual interest to your focal point and consider gluing something that dangles like beads or ribbon.

Garter 7

Step 8: Put your final touches on your focal point.

Garter 8

Step 9: Re-measure your garter around your thigh and cut to fit.

Garter 9

Step 10: Glue your measured garter together.

Garter 10

Congratulations, you now have your something blue! Now to tackle the other rules…

Garter 11

Garter 12

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