DIY Decorative Initial

wood letter

My favorite wedding decorations meet two important criteria. First: they must be inexpensive. I love decorations that are cheap. Any bride can tell you that wedding expenses add up way faster than you would ever imagine. I am in favor of anything that reduces the overall sticker shock of the wedding. Second criteria: the best decor serves a dual purpose. I like decorations that can be used for the wedding day, then later be displayed in the home.

This quick and easy DIY Decorative Initial fits these criteria perfectly. At the wedding, it functions as a beautiful decorative piece to display on a cake table, a door, or altar. In the home, it can later serve as a sentimental reminder of your wedding day.

An added benefit to this craft is that it is something that requires minimal cost and effort. Even those who consider themselves a DIY amateur can complete this project in an afternoon. It is a great way for a beginner to gain confidence to complete more complicated DIY Wedding projects.

The entire project cost me about seven dollars, which would hardly make a dent in even the smallest wedding budget!

All you will need are: A wooden letter, spray paint and sandpaper (optional).

I purchased my letter at a craft store. You may also use more than one letter if you would like to display the initials of the bride and groom’s first names, along with their new shared last name.

I chose red spray paint and my end goal was to give it a rustic finish by painting the whole letter and then sanding the wood for that vintage look. I purchased a small 3 ounce sized can at a craft store for about half the price of a regular size can. It was more than enough paint to finish the project.

Lay the letter on the ground and begin spray painting the back of the initial. Use even strokes at an even distance. Allow the paint to dry about an hour. Then come back and paint the front side.

Applying the spray paint directly on the wood allows the grain of the wood to show through. If you prefer a more polished look, you may add a primer prior to the application of the colored spray paint.

Spray paint is definitely the easiest and fastest way to complete this project. It gives you a basic and classic display piece. However, if you wish to be more artistic you may experiment with different looks. Try adding a single bow on the end of the letter. Also, you may use craft paints and stencils to create a unique look. The sky is the limit, and this craft allows creativity.

Whatever way you end up designing your letter, you will definitely enjoy the sentiment and personalized aspect it adds to your décor.

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