Faux Mercury Glass Tutorial

If you love mercury glass, but don’t love the price tag, this DIY is for you. Easily get the same look of mercury glass for way less money.

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When deciding on decoration for your wedding, it is really hard to shake off and ignore an awesome inspiration photo. If you have fallen for the look of mercury glass, but don’t love the price tag, you’re in luck. You can easily re-create a similar mercury glass effect at home. This technique is really great for transforming thrift store finds into something more beautiful and unique.

All you’ll need is the glassware you’re painting, a spray bottle for water, and spray paint.

supplies for project

For the glassware, you can easily do this technique on vases, votive candle holders and really any clear glass object. Painting glass is a great way to make thrift store finds more cohesive, since they’ll have the same look with this mercury glass effect. I used a hurricane candle holder for my version of this project.

plain glass candle holder

For the spray paint, I used a metallic silver paint. However, I recommend that you use a mirrored spray paint for the best results. Any paint that is reflective, and not flat, will make a cool texture.

Any old water spray bottle will work just fine for this project. If you have a mister for plants, that’s perfect. If you can’t find anything, just use an empty bottle from hair spray or something similar.

Before you paint your glass, make sure it’s clean and dry. Take it outside, or in a well-ventilated area for painting and put down tarps or cardboard to catch any overspray. Make sure your glass item is propped up so you can get around to all sides.

First, you should mist water around all sides of your glass vase or candle holder, so there are little beads of water. You don’t want to go overboard, so make sure there are not streaks of water dripping down the sides.

glass misted with water

Once your glass piece is covered with small drops of water, apply your spray paint in light coats. You want to cover the entire outside of your items with paint. The paint will stick to the dry parts of the glass, but will bead up and attach to the water where there are droplets.

mercury glass plain

Wait about 3-5 minutes for the initial coat of paint to dry, and then you’ll want to wipe off the extra paint and check the texture of your coat. At this point, you can carefully touch your glass piece without wrecking the paint, but you still have the opportunity to fix any smudges or drips. Blot off any extra paint and wipe away any paint drips at this point, using a rag. If you use paper towels, you may leave the texture of the quilted pattern on your piece.

Mercury Glass with Candle

Now you can continue the process of spraying water and adding paint if you’d like. Or, if you’re happy with the look of your piece, you can let it completely air-dry overnight.

It’s just that easy to create a faux mercury glass look, and transform thrift store finds into something beautiful. Try experimenting with different colors and layers of spray paint to add in more hues.

mercury glass staged

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