Five Festive Scrapbook Secrets

Scrapbooking is a fun way to creatively curate memories of any special event. When done properly, scrapbooks are like time capsules that transport you and your friends back to select special moments.

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You have the freedom to add your personalized touch to the colorful, sparkling pages when designing your keepsake. Here are five festive scrapbook secrets to building beautiful memories!

1. Rock a Theme

First, when first designing your scrapbook it is a good idea to come up with a theme to carry throughout—much like you are doing for your wedding! A chosen theme complements and enhances your scrapbook to strengthen the message and make an emotional experience.

One way to create a theme is through color. It can be fun to bring in your wedding ceremony colors and use them for your scrapbook. After all, matching is exhilarating—there is nothing like finding the exact petal-pink of your charger place settings in matching, glistening scrapbook paper.

Your scrapbook theme can go with your wedding theme or be completely different, like a groom’s cake! Themes can be carried out with a matching color scheme, or a motif such as the beach.

2. Simple Is Sweet

Now that you have your theme, decide exactly what you want to showcase! Odds are you have plenty of photos to choose from. As a rule of thumb it is nice to keep less than five photos per page. This helps avoid clutter and makes for a beautiful overall picture. You want your scrapbook to read like a picture book so that it tells a story. When in doubt, keep it simple!


If you have lots and lots of ideas that you want to put between pages, you can always have more than one scrapbook. It might be better to have three well-composed scrapbooks entailing the engagement, ceremony and honeymoon than trying to squeeze everything into one big, messy one. Maybe you just want one book for the ceremony. Either way is okay!

3. Bring on the Border

This scrapbooking secret is a winner! You can use texture, color, pattern or shine to add some contrast. This direct contrast makes for visual interest and adds an unexpected, professional pop! A contrasting border will frame the main photos and bring your eye to all the small details.

4. Don Personalized Details


Personalized details are the way to add personality to your scrapbook! Here is the time and place for relevant quotes and keepsakes. Do you have the tickets from your romantic first movie-date? Scrapbook it! Did you save your hubby’s handwritten wedding vows? Scrapbook it!

Take out your wedding announcements, table cards or even transfer a clipped page from your guest-book. These are all wonderful ways to add personalized details to your scrapbook.

5. Shake It Off!

Finally, scour the craft store aisles for double-sided stick scrapbooking adhesive! These little lifesavers are like miniature ready-to-go double-sided sticky tapes for all your square photos and oddly shaped bows!

There are many benefits to this scrapbooking secret, and one roll can usually last for a whole project! The specialty tape provides a beautifully finished look. You can hand select exactly where want the adhesive to go; and have a smooth finish without worrying about messy clear edges bleeding between photo and page. Not to mention the tape is strong and durable, made to last throughout the years. Look for acid-free tape so your layouts will not turn yellow with time.

Scrapbooking is a beautiful and fun way to transfer your memories to paper for all your friends and family to treasure. You can make one for your wedding ceremony, one for your best friend’s wedding, or three for the entire engagement. Whatever your reason, now you have five festive scrapbook secrets to use!

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