Handmade Sailboat Table Decorations

Sailboat- edited

Nautical themes are becoming increasingly popular for spring and summer weddings. With clean lines and rich navy blue and crisp white colors, this look can “anchor” your wedding décor, adding a masculine accent to what can become an almost exclusively feminine look.

This adorable sailboat DIY table decoration is personal and dainty while retaining that classic nautical look. Put one on each table at your reception, along with candles, flowers, or other table accents. Use photos of different bridal party members and line the boats up along a serving table, or near your card box. Don’t forget to customize your colors!

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this project:

  • wood craft sailboat kit
  • white textured scrapbooking paper – one sheet per sailboat
  • thin twine
  • wooden anchor accent
  • wallet-sized black-and-white photos
  • blue, white, and silver/gray paint
  • single hole punch

Step 1. Paint each piece of your wooden sailboat kit and allow plenty of time to dry. It takes several coats of paint to cover the wood model, so be prepared to go over your work a few times before you’re ready to move on. I painted the large, bottom piece white, and the two smaller accent pieces navy blue. Customize your colors to match your wedding décor!

Step 2. Once your boat is dry, take a fine paint brush and carefully paint your wedding date on the side of the boat. You can also use a silver sharpie pen! Your wedding date can go on one side of the boat, and your new last name can go on the other. I used the same navy blue accent color that I used for the smaller pieces of the boat.

Step 3. Your kit should come with a bit of wood glue, so now that your paint is dry you can assemble the pieces of your boat.

Step 4. Instead of using the felt sails that come with the kit, I created my own sails using the white textured scrapbooking paper, using the felt sails as a guide, but making my handmade sails quite a bit bigger, to hold more photos.

Step 5. Once your sails are the right size, apply a generous amount of Elmer’s craft glue to the un-textured side of the paper and arrange your photos on the sails like a mosaic. Trim down photos and layer them to create an artistic look.

Step 6. Trim the edges of the sails so that the photos are flush with the edge of the textured paper.

Step 7. When the paper is dry, use a hole punch to punch holes in the very top of each sail, and on the outer corner.

Step 8. Using the string that comes with your sailboat kit, tie the string through the holes punched in the sail, and tie them to the wooden dowels attached to your boat. Use glue along the vertical dowel to attach the larger sail.

Step 9. Paint your anchor accent silver/gray.

Step 10. When the anchor is dry, use the twine to attach the anchor around the bottom of the boat.

Step 11. You can also use paint or a sharpie to personalize your anchor with your names, the table number, or a short quote or verse.


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