Having Fun with Seating Assignments

seating arrangements

Seating assignments are a great opportunity to put your creativity to work. Why go with the traditional tents when you have a perfect opportunity to mirror your weddings theme? Think of your venue, or some aspect of the event that you can use to incorporate as the “fun factor” for your seating assignments.

I had a photo booth during the reception, so I went out and purchased some wooden dowels and craft paper and created photo booth props that also served as seating assignments. We cut out lips, bow-ties, and mustaches from red and black craft paper. I also purchased some white ink pens to write the guest names and table numbers on the backside of the prop. They were a hit! Everyone loved them and used them in the photo booth and in their own photos, providing a great “fun factor”.

Another unique idea for seating assignments would be to think about your venue. My cousin got married at an orchard and used apples for her seating assignments. It was a great idea and looked so chic! She cut out paper leaves to write out guest names and table numbers and used a pin to attach it to the apple. Not only was it fitting to the wedding, as it was at an orchard, it looked great when they were all displayed on the table, and it also provided a little snack for hungry guests in between hors d’oeuvres and the meal. When thinking of venues to incorporate into the seating assignment, a popular venue is a vineyard or winery, and almost everybody loves wine, so why not use mini wine bottles as your seating assignment items? Tie some twine around the bottle with a tag to indicate the guest name and table number, and you have your unique and fitting seating assignments.


Lastly, if you have some sort of theme with your wedding, like a masquerade ball or something as simple as a vintage theme, use that to incorporate into your seating assignments. For example, if your theme is a masquerade ball, you could use masquerade masks as seating assignments, putting tags with guest name and table numbers or writing on the inside of the masks. If you have a vintage theme, vintage keys would be great keepsakes for guests and unique way to provide seating assignments. Using a an old key hook from a hotel or valet would be great for display and you could either add key rings with guest names and table numbers or use thin rope with vintage style paper tags.

Half the fun of setting the details is coming up with ways to make them unique. Take into consideration your theme, venue, or aspect of the wedding to provide unique seating assignments and make them something special. It could be a fun memory making props with your significant other or bridal party, or searching for vintage keys at antique shops or even online, or just coming up with creative ideas to add that little unique touch to your big day.


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