How to Create Vintage Framed Table Numbers

Creating beautiful vintage framed table numbers is both easy and cheap. You don’t need much time, money, or exceptional skill to swing these eye-catching centerpieces.


One of the best things about a wedding is that it brings so many different types of people together. A wedding is a perfect environment for your guests to meet new people – after all, all of the guests either know the bride or the groom (or their date does). College friends mingle with aunts and uncles at weddings and colleagues mingle with childhood buddies. But it isn’t always best to just throw all of your guests together haphazardly, especially not during the meal. Most people will prefer to dine with those they know and that’s why reception tables with designated table numbers and corresponding table assignments exist!

If you’re putting together a beautiful vintage-themed wedding, you can make gorgeous vintage framed table numbers in a jiffy. These table numbers will help to accent your overarching vintage theme without taking much time to make or leaving a dent in your wallet. If you’d like to create vintage framed table numbers for your wedding, here’s what you’ll want to do:

1. Gather your supplies. You don’t need much to make these vintage framed table numbers. Procure a standing vintage frame from a thrift store, vintage shop, consignment shop, garage, yard, or estate sale, or elsewhere. Perhaps one of your relatives has a vintage frame that you can use that will also offer sentimental value? Make sure you have some cream-colored paper on hand and scissors. Aside from these things, all you need are basic Photoshop or Microsoft Word skills.

2. Find a font that represents your vintage vision. You can download a free font from sites like if you’d like something a little different and less recognizable than the standard fonts that come with your font book. Create an image or document with the number you want to print in the font that you like. Be sure to make the number big enough to take up the amount of space you want in your frame.

3. Print. Print the number on cream paper or another type of paper that furthers your vintage theme. You might want to consider using a store-bought “vintage” printer paper (often for sale at craft stores) or you can use the paper from a grocery store paper bag. The latter is often a little crinkled after it has been used for groceries, which can compliment the vintage feel nicely.

4. Arrange! Cut the printed number so that it fits into your vintage frame. If you have difficulty keeping it centered, simply use some tape on the back of the image to keep it adhered to the frame where you prefer for it to be. Put the vintage frame together and you’re done! Set these table number frames up on your reception tables to help guests find their spot for the meal.

Tip: try sticking to a specific vintage theme with your frames. Consider collecting all vintage wooden frames, vintage brass frames, vintage silver frames, or another type of frame to keep the look in unison but simultaneously varied enough to make it interesting.

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