Lace-Up Bachelorette Party Invitations


Invitations are a great way to set the mood for an upcoming party. And what better way to set the tone for a bachelorette party than a lace-up corset invitation? This project is actually quite simple, but it is a unique twist on a plain invitation.

To make this invitation, you’ll need two different colors of card stock and thin ribbon. A ruler, Xacto knife, mat board, and hole punch will also be used.

I made my example a 5×7 inch final product so that it fits within an A7 envelope, but you could adjust the measurements to create a different sized invitation.

First I cut my outside sheet of paper down to 9.75” x 7″. I used black paper since it has nice contrast and is the perfect color for the corset shape. You’ll want to fold in the two sides to create your front panels. You want the inside piece to stay at 5 inches wide, so you’ll put your paper in the landscape orientation and fold roughly 2.34 inches on each side. Now it looks like a tri-fold board.


To shape the front flaps, cut each one at a right angle from the top fold. Now you just need to make holes to thread your ribbon through. I used a slightly smaller-than-normal punch, a 3/16” circle to make my holes. I made five punches on each side on the folds, which worked out well to show off the lacing.


Now that you have the outside piece, you’ll need to create an invitation to put inside. I made my design on Photoshop, but you could also use Word to do your layout. You want the design to be roughly 4.8 inches wide by 6.8 inches tall to fit inside your corset shape. When thinking about your layout, consider what will show when the paper is folded closed. With my design you can see the words “Bachelorette Party” even when the ribbon is tied.


After you have your invitation designed and printed, you need to cut it out and glue it inside the black corset shape. I just printed my invitation text at home on an inkjet printer, and used pink paper. A glue stick worked well to adhere my design to the outer shape.

Next I cut a length of my pink ribbon in order to thread the invitation closed. I started on the bottom and crisscrossed my way up to the top, similar to lacing a shoe. I purposely cut the paper so the two sides don’t meet up so you can see the ribbon lacing all the way up. At the top, I tied my ribbon in a bow.


This invitation is so clever and a great way to get your friends excited for a bachelorette party. It would also be a great fit for a lingerie shower themed bachelorette party – just don’t forget to include the bride’s sizes! I especially love this invitation because it can be sent through the regular mail in an envelope.

About Lauren: I’m an adventurous and friendly red head living in upstate New York. While I have a background in Marketing and Communications, I am currently doing freelance writing and focusing on my own blog, The Thrifty Ginger. I love planning events and focusing on the little details, so stick around for fun projects. Follow me on Google.


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