Make a Ring Box out of a Book


At least for me, the ring box was one of the last projects I finished when preparing for my wedding. It’s such a small detail, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that the guests would barely notice. However, I wanted something that would fit into my wedding theme and aesthetic.

While I ultimately went a different direction, I considered turning a book into a ring “box.” It barely has any material costs, and would be the perfect addition for avid readers. Today I’ll share how to cut a hole into a book to make a little nook to store your rings.

For materials, you’ll need:

  • A book that you don’t mind destroying, preferably in hardcover
  • Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Modge Podge, or another clear-drying craft glue
  • Drill
  • String or ribbon

Step one: First, you’ll need to select the book that you want to use. I found an old hardcover that had a fun title. You could scout second hand stores for a book, or perhaps use a title that’s meaningful to you and your fiancé.


Open up the cover of the book, and mark an inner rectangle that you’ll be cutting out. I used painter’s tape to help guide my cuts, but you could also just draw it with pencil.

Step two: Next I cut out the pages, using my ruler and X-acto knife. Depending on how thick your book is, this might take some time. Just go slow, so you don’t accidentally cut too far or cut yourself. I found that it worked best to move from the outside corners and down, which helped keep a clean shape as I cut through all my layers. Remove the sheets as they become loose to make it easier on yourself.


Since my book was so small, I cut through to the back cover page. To make sure I didn’t cut all the way through the cover, I put a self-healing mat board between my last page and the cover. A piece of cardboard would work just as well. If the book you’re using is meaningful to you, or there’s a certain page you’d like to highlight, you can always stop your cutting mid-way through the book. Whatever page you stop cutting at is what will show when you open the book.


Step three: After you’re happy with the shape of your book cutout, you’ll want to stabilize the pages a bit. You don’t want all the pages flapping around when you open the book. If you brush on some Modge Podge or other craft glue along all of the edges, the pages will be well-secured.


Step four: Once your glue is dry, you’ll need to attach some sort of ribbon or string to the book so that your rings can be held in place. To do this, I used a drill to create two holes through the back of my book. I threaded my red string through the back and tied my wedding rings with that.


It’s really that easy to make a cute and meaningful ring box out of a book.


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