Make Moss Covered Table Numbers in Just 4 Easy Steps

I honestly feel like nearly any wedding, especially any outdoor event, could add some moss to the decor and it would fit right in.

framed_moss_table_numberThere is just something about moss that I’m drawn to. It looks natural and peaceful, but can also be dressed up in a wonderful way. These moss covered table numbers are a great way to incorporate a little green to your table scape, and can be customized to suit your needs.

Step 1: Design the numbers. For this, you’ll want a font that is relatively thick so there’s a surface to cover. I chose DIN Condensed and just used Word to adjust the size. I printed out my number onto plain printer paper and cut it out so I could use it as a tracing shape.

I went bare bones on my materials, so I used cardboard as my shape. I traced my number 2 onto cardboard scrap and then cut it out with an Exacto knife. If you’d rather save time instead of money, you can always buy pre-cut wooden numbers at a local craft store.


Step 2: Paint the numbers. You want to paint the number you just made green so the cardboard underneath blends in with the moss color. If there were any gaps I didn’t want it to obviously scream cardboard brown. I used acrylic paint and had to add a little white, yellow and brown to my green paint to get the correct—or close enough—hue.


Step 3:  Add the moss to the numbers. I used some reindeer moss that was nice and soft and came in large sections. I tore up the moss into smaller pieces so it was easier to manage. I used Modge Podge as an adhesive, and liberally applied the glue to the front of my number. After the front was covered in moss, I left it to dry overnight. To help keep the moss down and sticking in the glue, I put a book on top of the moss and number.


Step 4: Decide on how to display them. Depending on how you’re going to use your number, you can use different finishing methods. I decided to only put moss on one side, which made things pretty easy. If guests will be able to see both sides of the shape, you’ll obviously want to glue moss on both faces of your table numbers.

I decided to put my numbers into a frame shape, to give it some structure. I just took the glass out of a gold frame and attached my number right to white cardstock placed inside the frame. Since I mounted my number onto a frame with some depth, you couldn’t tell it was made of cardboard. It’s a nice way to skimp on materials since it won’t matter anyway. To continue with the organic look, I stacked some old books and added a few votive candles.


You could also just lean your table numbers up against some other props and flowers, or include them into an arrangement.

Regardless of what you decide, these moss table numbers look great and are super simple.

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