Mason Jar Gift Set

Wedding Drink Jars with Yellow

This mason jar can be used as a sweet party favor for guests to remember the wedding, or as a useful centerpiece decoration. Get inspired by the south with this fun, customizable project.


  • Scissors
  • Mason jar
  • 5-inch square of fabric
  • Foot of ribbon

Choose the fabric and ribbon by texture and color. Silk or satin finishes are shiny and delicate! Rougher linens have a hearty feel. Let the ribbon reflect the tone of your wedding and party! Small details will enhance the look you envision for the big day.

Do you know what kind of fabric is best for you? Crafts stores have a wide selection for your needs! Check your local craft store for options. Swiss voile is a crisp white, dark velvet ads drama, and silky satins flow with movement.

Look for a relatively thinner fabric that will fit between the lip and the lid of the jar. This is important so that the mason jar lid will close correctly.

After drying, the tops will most likely come off of the acorn. This is perfect. We actually want the top to come off for this project so if they didn’t pop off during the drying process, go ahead and pull them apart.

Step 1: Measure out a 5-inch by 5-inch square of your fabric. You know how the saying goes, ‘measure twice, cut once!’

Find a straight edge to guide the cuts. You can get a ruler or any other straight edge, like a favorite old book. We want to make sure that the sides of fabric are equal and straight so that they look professional.

Step 2: Using the straight edge, trace your guideline on the square of fabric with a non-permanent marker.

I like disappearing fabric ink which comes in violet purple or bright blue. The colored ink disappears in 24-hours without leaving any mark!

Alternatively, chalk can be used to mark the fabric and then gently washed away. The exact method isn’t as important as long as the marks are not distinguishable from the fabric, especially if your fabric is white!

Step 3: With a pair of scissors, cut the square of fabric.

Scissors with a straight-edge will leave a straight cut of fabric while scissors with a design on the blade edge will leave an edged pattern. Like in scrapbooking, the elaborate edge makes for a lovely finishing detail.

Step 4: Next, cover your mason jar with the lid cap.

After covering the open jar with your lid, place fabric on top. Center the fabric so that it covers the top evenly. It will look like a waterfall of fabric over the edges of your mason jar.

Step 5: Afterward, close the lid.

With fabric between layers of metal, twist the mason jar lid lip on. The fabric will end up being between the mason jar lid lip and the closing circle. This leaves a vibrant display like wrapping paper.


After finishing the fabric, the next step is to decorate the jar with a beautiful bow! Satin is a standard fabric for ribbons when making bows. However, it can be slippery and tricky for a beginning bow artist. Find a ribbon with wire edging for extra support and control to tackle advanced bow making!

Step 6: Lay the ribbon down on a flat surface. Measure ribbon to a length of one foot.


Step 7:  Tie ribbon around mason jar lid. Tie the perfect bow by starting and ending with even arms of ribbon. Finish with bow or half-knot on choice.

Step 8: Finally, clip the loose arms of the ribbon which extend past the bow. You can fold ¼ inch left-over-right for a perfectly symmetrical cut. This step is ideal for giving clean finish.

Your lovely, customized mason jar is ready! The southern twist is absolutely stunning. How does yours look?


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