Mini Terrarium Necklaces

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Want to give your bridesmaids something a little different to remember your day by? How about something alive that you can wear?

What do you think about terrariums? They’ve grown hugely in popularity over the past few years. Personally I think they’re pretty neat and with all the personalization you can do, they make perfect gifts. You can also make them almost any size. Which is great for us, because today I want to show you how you can build a terrarium in a tiny bottle. We’ll then turn those mini planters into awesome necklaces for you to give to your bridal party.

The creating process to these is simple, doesn’t take very long and best of all, after we’re done you’ll have a cool and unique gift for your bridesmaids. After all, don’t your bridesmaids deserve a gift that says “sorry you can’t go on the honeymoon, but while I’m gone our friendship will continue to grow just like the plant in this bottle”?


  • Soil
  • Tiny bottle
  • Cork stopper
  • Tiny plant
  • Live moss
  • Paper clip
  • Twine
  • Necklace chain

Terr 1

Step 1: Place some of your good quality soil into the little bottle.

Remember, you want to be able to see your plant so don’t fill the soil up too high. Your plant needs enough soil to be able to grow too, so make sure to put a good amount in. It’s all about finding a nice balance. Just eyeball it and use my picture as a reference if you need to.

Terr 2

Step 2: Time to stick your plants in the soil. Take a tiny bit of moss and your plant and stick them down into your soil in succession.

Don’t forget to use your paperclip. Poke at your plants until they are securely in your little bottle, but try and be gentle. Make sure your tiny plant’s roots are down into the soil. If the roots are too long to go straight down, use your paperclip to guide the roots into a swirly pattern so they fit in your bottle.

Terr 3

Step 3: Take a bit of twine and loop it around the lip of your bottle. Before you tie it in a knot, loop your necklace chain inside of the twine. Now knot your twine tight and cut off any excess.

Terr 4

Step 4: Drip a small amount of water in your bottle for your plants and close it up with the cork stopper.

And just like that you’re done! Your little bottle should do fine on its own, but instruct your bridesmaids to set it in indirect sunlight when they aren’t wearing it. This should keep the plant alive and all should go swimmingly. If your bridesmaids find it’s moldy or the plant isn’t looking well, they can always open up the cork to let it air out a little. That’s it as far as maintenance. I did notice too though, that after a week or so, the bottle ended up with lots of condensation on the sides. This is a byproduct of the mini ecosystem you’ve created. I thought this looked kind of cool, but if you want to be able to see your plant better, open up the bottle and wipe the sides quickly with a q-tip or pipe cleaner.

The possibilities are endless with these necklaces. You can add charms to your chain or paint your bottle in a cute pattern; whatever makes them special. So go out there, gather your moss and plants and get mini gardening! I hope your bridesmaids love these little gifts.

Terr 6

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