Mr. and Mrs. Burlap Bunting


I love having fun banners and buntings for weddings. It’s a super simple way to add an extra festive spirit to your celebration. This bunting banner is so simple to make and customize that there’s no need to order it from anyone else. My example is sewn with a machine, but it can easily be adapted to a no-sew project.

First, you’ll need to select your fabric. I had purchased some burlap from Michael’s at a deep discount, less than a dollar for a yard, right after Christmas. My fabric has some gold thread in it that adds a nice little detail. Even though this tutorial is for a burlap bunting, you could use any fabric you like.


You’ll next need to select your shape and cut out pieces. I wanted to create a pointed, triangle bunting so I made a template with a tall isosceles triangle. This made it easy to cut out, since I just placed my template down, lined up my ruler, and used a rotary cutter to slice out each piece.


Once you have all of your bunting pieces cut out, it’s time to paint your letters. I opted to do “Mr. & Mrs.” on my bunting, but you could do your names, wedding date, or paint on “thank you” for photos. Since I don’t trust my freehand painting, I made my own stencil to assist in painting. I created my design in Photoshop and printed my letters onto card stock paper. I then cut out each letter with an Exacto knife. This was especially easy for the Mr. & Mrs. design since I really only needed to create 3 letters (M, r, and s) and an ampersand. You can download my letters here.


Once you have your letters cut out, it’s time to get painting. Especially with burlap, the paint tends to soak through, so make sure you put down some paper to catch any paint blobs. I used plain white craft paint and a flat sponge brush for my letters. Just place your stencil shape overtop of your bunting shape and tap on the paint.

The ampersand was a little bit trickier because it has shapes inside the overall outline. To deal with this, I cut painter’s tape in similar sizes to the ampersand shapes. I stuck the tape pieces down in the middle of the ampersand stencil to block the paint and finish the shape.


Once your paint is all dry, you can assemble the pieces together into a bunting. I decided I wanted a classic white ribbon as my thread. I had ribbon that was about one inch wide, which was perfect as a trim. I first folded it in half and ironed a crease. I lined up all of my bunting pieces and pinned them into the top.


Since I have a sewing machine, I sewed my bunting to the ribbon, with a simple stitch of white thread along the top. If you are not a sewer, you could instead glue the bunting together with hot glue inside the folded edge.

After your pieces are all together, you have a beautiful finished bunting.

Mr and mrs

I love this to hang somewhere at the reception, perhaps along the sweetheart table or behind the cake. You also could tie it between your two chairs to have a sweet accent piece.

About Lauren: I’m an adventurous and friendly red head living in upstate New York. While I have a background in Marketing and Communications, I am currently doing freelance writing and focusing on my own blog, The Thrifty Ginger. I love planning events and focusing on the little details, so stick around for fun projects. Follow me on Google.


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