Paper Flower Headbands

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Paper flowers are super cool, and such a great flower alternative. I actually built an entire paper flower arch for my mother’s wedding. Their ceremony space was rather plain, and their budget rather small, so I wanted to give them a way to have flowers without the cha-ching. Ever since, I’ve been trying to come up with unique ways to utilize paper flowers. You can use pretty much any method out there for your flowers. You can use fabric, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, etc. I wanted to try out something fun and different for this tutorial, so I’m going to do an origami flower headband. This is a great base idea for a bridesmaid’s headband or even a bride’s hairpiece. The one I made is pretty simple with a pop of color and flowers, but you could go huge and flower crazy; the sky is the limit. You can follow along and create your own origami flower headband or you can just take this idea and run with your own style.


  • Crepe paper
  • White Mesh
  • Origami paper (varying sizes)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Headband (old or new)
  • Embellishments (I used small pearl-like beads)






Ppr 1

Step 1: Take your origami paper and fold it corner to corner.

Ppr 2

Step 2: Unfold and fold the opposite way, corner to corner. You should end up with two folds in a cross pattern.

Ppr 3

Step 3: Where the cross meets, gather your paper and pinch. Bring the two corners together on both sides and fold.

You should have a triangle shape. The two sides that come in when you pinch get tucked in the middle when you fold the corners together.

Ppr 4

Ppr 5

Step 4: Now lay your triangle on one side and bring one bottom corner up to the point of the triangle and fold.

Ppr 6

Step 5: Do the same to the other half. Flip over and do the same with the other side.

You should end up with a diamond shape.

Ppr 7

Ppr 8

Step 6: Open up the folds and fold again by taking corner to corner. This will create a square shape. Do this on both sides; front and back of your triangle.

Ppr 9

Ppr 10

Ppr 11

Step 6: Now you’ll take your squares and fold down the top half to meet the bottom half. This will result in a “house” shape.

Ppr 12

Ppr 13

Ppr 14

Step 7: Fold your top point to meet the bottom line of your house. You should now have a “letter” type shape

Ppr 15

Step 8: Rotate your letter to see the bottom.

Ppr 16

Step 9: There should be four points on each side. Split the points, two and two, and stick your fingers in the middle, pushing in.

Ppr 17

Step 10: As you push your fingers in, allow the inside to push out and fold the insides to meet the edges.

Ppr 18

Step 11: Flip the square over and lift up the point at the top to form what I think looks like a sailboat shape.

Ppr 19

Ppr 20

Step 12: Press on the top to find the opening on the side.

Ppr 21

Step 13: Pull one side out and fold it out to the middle of the square.

Ppr 22

Step 14: Find the opposite side and repeat step 13. You should end up with a point in the middle with four folds coming down.

Ppr 23

Ppr 24

Step 15: Take the folds in a pinch grip and begin to twist clockwise.

Ppr 25

Step 16: Keep twisting until your flower is quite tight.

Ppr 26

Step 17: Let the flower unravel a bit and roll the edges of the “petals” to make it look more like a flower.

Ppr 27

Step 18: Form the rest of your flowers.

Step 19: Wrap your headband in some kind of fabric and glue the ends. I wrapped my used headband with white tissue paper and then a white sparkly mesh to cover up the leopard print.

Ppr 28

Step 20: Glue your finished flowers on the headband in a bunch.

Step 21: Glue your embellishments on your headband to finish it. I glued my beads in each flower.

Ppr 29

So that’s it. I hope you were able to follow along and create some really cool paper flowers. I think the paper flower look can be really interesting and is super trendy. Imagine all the colors and types you could create. These headbands cost almost nothing and are a great way to tie your bridesmaid’s looks together; especially if they’re wearing different colors or dresses. Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Fold, glue, and enjoy!

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