Photo Frame Collage Your Engagement Announcements


Nothing is more exciting (other than the proposal of course!) than seeing your engagement announcement in print. Only in that moment does the reality begin to sink in—you’re getting married! The day has finally come. So what to do with those precious announcements? Create a collage art piece that will hang in your front room leading up to your big day and beyond, a reminder of your love for your fiancé and the wonderful things ahead of you as a couple.

You will need to purchase a photo frame for this project—8” by 11” works well. You can splurge on an elaborate frame, or get a basic black frame, like I did. Black works well to balance out the numerous embellishments placed in the collage inside the frame—less is more.

I used the announcement we placed in my hometown newspaper as the background for the collage. As a little girl I would always see the engagement announcements in the News Herald and dream of the day mine would be in the paper—this holds special significance for me.

To attach the other photos and clippings, I just used double-sided tape. I placed the engagement announcement card that we mailed to our family and friends over some of the extra text on the newspaper page, leaving the headline “News Herald: Celebrations” visible, and being sure not to cover our engagement announcement in the paper. It’s so nice to mail out announcements, but it’s even nicer to frame one for yourself to keep!

Our engagement was also announced in the local bridal magazine, so I clipped the announcement and the magazine title page, from the booklet. I want to be sure to remember which publication the announcement was from. I placed these clippings over the extra newspaper text not relating to our announcement. I put a few black-and-white wallet sized photos of my fiancé and I over the model’s photo in the magazine logo—I don’t want anyone else pictured in my engagement announcement art!

You can include any other photos or embellishments you want—this is your art! My mom gave me a little picture she found of a little girl and a little boy holding hands, each holding an old-fashioned suitcase. She said it reminds her of my fiancé and I, who have traveled quite a bit by train. I layered this picture into my collage, and also placed a pressed rose in the frame as well, a keepsake from our engagement.

Feel free to include other photos of you and your fiancé, ribbon, rhinestones, postcards… the possibilities are endless! Whatever is important to your engagement, and to you and your fiancé, is what you should add. Every time you walk by your engagement announcement art, you will remember how lucky you are to be marrying your fiancé, and will feel a spark of excitement as your wedding day approaches.

About Heather: I am a freelance writer in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am recently engaged and planning a summer 2015 beach wedding in Grand Haven. I am an avid scrapbooker and I am enjoying “doing it yourself” as I plan my wedding! Follow me on Google.


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