Popsicle Stick Placement Card Frames


Want to have an interesting and super simple deviation from the usual seating placement card? Try a customizable popsicle stick frame! There are infinite variations on color, you can glam them up with glitter or other embellishments, or you can go minimalist and simply leave them bare. An added bonus is that, regardless of how you decorate them, each one takes less than ten minutes to complete from start to finish!


  • 5 popsicle sticks (per frame)
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Paint/Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Other desired embellishments (e.g. beads, glitter)

1 (2)

Step 1: Cut two popsicle sticks in half, trying to keep them as close to even as possible. After you do this, take your scissors and round the edges. Optional: you can buy half sized popsicle sticks at craft stores and skip this step.

2 (1)

Step 2: Cut another popsicle stick evenly in half. This time, instead of rounding the edges, you will cut the tops at an angle. This one it is important to keep the angle consistent, as these will serve as the supports for your frame. If they are not at the same angle, your frame will teeter.

3 (2)

Step 3: This is where the fun starts – if you choose to paint or glitter your popsicle sticks (as opposed to other embellishments like beads), this is when you do it. Some people like to wait until the project is complete, but I find that the paint is more even and uniform if it is done prior to assembling the frame. Optional – this also applies to glitter. Use a glue stick to cover the popsicle sticks, and then dunk it in your favorite shade of glittery goodness. You can also paint, then add glitter. It’s up to you


Step 4: Time to arm yourself… with a glue gun! Create the base of the frame by taking two of your rounded edged half sticks and hot gluing two whole glue sticks to the tops and bottoms, creating a rectangular frame.

5 (1)

Step 5: Once you’ve created the fir
st rectangle, add your other two rounded edged half sticks on top of the full size crossbeams. Having the horizontal beams sandwiched between the outer layers creates an empty space. This is where your placement cards will go.

6 (1)

Step 6: Use your glue gun to apply the angled edges of your support sticks to the back of your frame.

1 (2)

Step 7: Use your paintbrush/glitter supply/beads to finish up the decorative touches to your placement frames.

8 (1)

And you’re done! Because of the quick-drying nature of the glue gun, and the simplicity of the project, once you get the hang of it each one shouldn’t take more than five minutes. With the help of the ladies of your bridal party, you could knock out roughly 200 of these in 3 hours with 5 people. You could even enlist the help of any crafty-age kids in your family, like brothers or sisters.


Alternatives – pictured is a hand-written, custom sized placement card. You could alter the size of the frame to fit a mass-printed business card, and handwrite guest names.

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