Rustic Wedding Card Box

Box 15

You’ve got the cake, venue, and you’ve found a person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. But what about the small stuff? Like, hmm I don’t know, a card box?

If you’re into a rustic style, I have you covered. This DIY is perfect for an outdoor or rustically inclined wedding. Plus, bonus, it can be made from an old shoe box. That’s right, that shoe box you saved when you got those cute boat shoes because you knew you would be green and reuse it one day is finally going to be put to use! Of course if you don’t have a shoe box any reasonably sized box will do. Fun and easy to make, this box will exceed any and all of your card holding expectations.


  • A box
  • Spray paint
  • Sticks (like from trees)
  • Faux leaves
  • Preserved moss
  • Two small pine cones
  • Hot glue

Box 1

Step 1: Grab your shoe box and spray paint. Spray paint your box.

I’ve chosen green because it’s a nice color-pairing with the leaves I have, but feel free to pick whichever color you think goes best with your theme. Also, be patient, your box may take a few coats or a couple waits before you can paint each side.

Box 2

Step 2: Once your paint is dry heat up your glue gun and begin gluing large chunks of moss on the front of your box.

Box 3

Step 3: Finish the front by filling in the empty spaces with small bits of moss.

Box 4

Step 4: Take two relatively tall sticks and glue them vertically on the sides of your box.

Box 5

Step 5: Begin crafting your letters with hot glue and sticks. I’ve started with the “C” in “CARDS.”

Box 6

Step 6: Craft the rest of your letters and glue them together to form your word.

Box 7

Step 7: Glue a short stick horizontally on each of the two tall sticks already glued on your box. This will give your word something to partially rest on.

Box 8

Step 8: Glue your word on the horizontal sticks.

Box 9

Step 9: Add your pine cone accents at the start and end of your word.

Box 10

Step 10: Grab your leaves and glue some around the area where your two tall sticks are attached to your box. This will cover up any glue-ugliness.

Box 11

Box 12

Step 11: Continue gluing your leaves all around the top edge of your box.

Box 13

Step 12: Glue the rest of your leaves on the top edge of your box obscuring the entire edge.

Annnnd you’re done! I love this box because it’s fun, it’s different, and it’s somewhat reminiscent of a forest. Set it on your gift table and I’m sure it will add an adorably rustic element to your wedding. Plus, it’s functional and much better than a plain old box. I hope you had fun making this with me. If you didn’t you can just make like a tree and leaf!

Box 14

Box 15


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