Simple Hanging Flower Backdrop

wedding bee strung flower backdrop

If you want to incorporate more flowers into your wedding, but don’t have a big floral budget, this backdrop is the perfect option. You can create this hanging flower decoration in advance using fake flowers so you don’t have to worry about wilting blooms. Your guests won’t even notice they’re fake flowers, but you’ll get an extra pop of color.

For this project, you’ll need fishing line or clear string, a needle, and some flowers to string. I purchased three bunches of small purple and yellow fake flowers at my local Michael’s craft store. Depending on your wedding colors or your venue, you may want to select a different color flowers. You can also do this same project with live flowers, but you’ll need to assemble it very close to your event to make sure the petals are still vibrant.


First I pulled all of the heads of the silk flowers off of the bottoms. The kind I purchased just popped right off, so it was very simple. Just be careful that you don’t pull too hard and rip the petals off.

You’ll need to figure out how much coverage you’ll need of flowers—both in terms of height and width. Depending on how dense you want the flowers, you might want to select bigger or small blooms. It will look totally different based upon your choices. I decided I wanted my strings to be about 5 feet long, so I cut lengths of clear jewelry thread about the length of my arm span.

I used a needle to thread through a single petal of each flower. For the first flower, I just brought it to the bottom and tied a secure knot. I continued threading on flowers and adjusting the distance to make the strands look full enough. When the flower was at the spot I wanted, I tied another loop to make sure the flower would stay in that spot instead of moving around.


With three small bunches of flowers, I was able to make nine strands of flowers that are each about 5 feet tall. For a ceremony backdrop, you’ll probably want more coverage, but this would be good enough to go behind a cake table or somewhere else to create other visual interest.


To hang my flower strands together, I cut another length of clear line. I taped it to the floor to make it easier as I tied each strand of flowers to the main line. Trim off any extra pieces of string and you’re good to go! You just have to be careful that everything doesn’t get tangled up.

Because this project calls for clear string, it really looks like the flowers are just floating!

Strung flowers as a backdrop.

If you have trouble with the flowers staying down, or you’ll be having your ceremony outside with possible wind, you can always tie small washers to the bottom of each strand to weigh things down.

I love the idea of using this fun backdrop to bring more color and flowers to a wedding.

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