Vintage-Themed Book Roses in 3 Easy Steps

What’s better than books? Roses made from those very same books! These book roses will add a vintage theme to any wedding.

book rose

I learned how to do these a couple years ago when I was playing around with the idea with my sister. We loved how they looked and even went an extra step and glued them to a tree limb and put them in vases at our house. They are beautiful but trust me they will take a little patience. Also, you will be destroying a book – so keep that in mind. In my case I just went and picked up the cheapest book. It will only take two pages to make a single rose so depending on how many roses you want that’s how many pages you will need. As long as it has text and no pictures it will work. If you want more of a vintage feel you can buy a book with darker pages but I will also show you a technique to make lighter color paper have more of a dark and weathered-down look.

What You’ll Need

* Scissors

* Glue

* Books


Step 1. Tear out a page from the book. Then cut out a circular shape. The trick to cutting is to not make a perfect circle. The best way to describe it is to go in a snake pattern basically making the circle wavy. Then, continue to do that two more times, duplicating the same steps just used except make them smaller in size than the one before.

Step 2. Start from the outside of the circle and cut in the snake-like fashion again. You won’t be cutting out any more shapes, just making a cut. Basically, it will look like a snake all tightly curled up. Do the same thing with the other two circles.


Step 3. Mix the paper around to make it look like a rose. It will take a while but patience is key! After you get it to look how you like you will have to hold it there and glue it. After you glue it you will need to hold it there for a couple seconds so that it stays in that shape. After it’s dry take a second look at it. If you do not like it try pushing down parts of the “petals” and glue them down. Then do the same steps as before for the other two. After you have all three of the “roses” made, take one of the smaller roses and place it inside the biggest one and then glue the center down on top of the big rose’s center. Then, take the last little rose and place it inside the two roses and glue that center down to the center of that rose. This will make the rose look fuller and – trust me – a lot better. You just made the rose.

Like my sister and I did you could go a step further and glue them onto tree branches and put them into vases for beautiful centerpieces.


~ Extra tip: make your light paper dark! ~

All you need are paper towels and tea bags. First lay paper towels down so that nothing gets messy. Then lay the book page on top of the paper towels. All you have to do now is rub wet tea bags up and down on the page. If you would like it darker just continue rubbing the tea bags up and down on the page. Finally, let the page completely dry before you make your roses.

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