Wedding Invite Envelope Lining

Give your wedding invitation that extra oopmh with this neat DIY hack. I can assure you, your invite will look 100 times more beautiful.


You’ve seen how to make VIP table name cards, now with somewhat similar materials, I will show you how to transform your plain old white envelope to a more rustic and pleasing look.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • Envelope: No specific size needed. Whatever envelope you decide to use for your wedding invite. I prefer to use white, that way the lining will pop out.
  • Paper lining: For this one, I am using kraft wrapping paper. But feel free to use any kind. Michael’s has A LOT of options so go crazy shopping for the paper you want. Tip: Choose a thin lining material so it will be easy to insert and fold inside the envelope.
  • Stencil: This is so that you can make the lining in batches. Use something hard because you will be using it over and over again. I will be using a folder.
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive
  • Lace ribbon: Adding any kind of ribbon is optional but see for yourself. Those additional tiny details make all the difference.
  • Pencil


Step 1

Grab your folder, pencil, and envelope. Put the envelope on top of the folder and start drawing around the envelope. Make sure you outline carefully so that it won’t smear on your white envelope.


Step 2

Get your scissors and start cutting the folder. This will now serve as your stencil for the entire DIY project, with just one more step to complete it.


Step 3

You may opt to get a ruler for this one but estimating will be just fine. Draw and cut out an estimate of 1 inch from the bottom of the stencil. You are finally done with your stencil.


Step 4 

Grab the paper you will be using for your lining. In this case, I will be using my extra kraft wrapping paper from the holiday gift wrapping season. Then using your stencil, draw around it on top of your paper.


Step 5 

After drawing an outline onto the paper, grab your scissors and cut your chosen paper.


Step 6 

Now the next thing to do is putting it inside the envelope. So grab your adhesive, lining, and envelope. I like to put the adhesive after putting the lining inside but you can also do it before placing it inside. Also remember to insert the lining carefully so that it won’t crumple while doing so.


Step 7 

This last step is optional. Get your lace ribbon (or what ever ribbon you feel like using) and paste it at the bottom of your envelope. Do this for both sides of the envelope.


Congratulations! You have successfully finished one envelope lining for your wedding. Now better start outlining some more, your guests are waiting.

P.S. You don’t need to do this alone. Get your bridesmaids together and set a day for crafting.

Here is the final product…



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