Wedding Memory Stones

Rock 19

Not sure what to do for the guest book at your wedding? How about something a little different?

Lately my mom has been creating these adorable garden stones with acrylic paints. That gave me the idea of painting a little miniature couple for one of my oldest friends for her wedding shower. She ended up loving the stones so I began brainstorming. I knew there was more DIY potential for these stones. Thus came this idea: a different type of guest book; one you don’t have to shove away on some dusty bookshelf.


  • A large rock/stone
  • Black and white acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • A regular sharpie

Rock 1

Step 1: Paint two medium-sized circles in black in the spot where your couple’s heads should be

Rock 2

Step 2: Take a small paint brush and paint a black curved line around the bride’s head to form her veil.

Rock 3

Step 3: Begin her chest with a black line and fill in a smaller black line underneath.

Rock 4

Step 4: Start painting the bodice of her dress with your white paint, connecting her dress to her chest.

Rock 5

Step 5: Continue building the bride’s dress in a typical dress shape.

Rock 6

Don’t worry too much about the lines being perfect right now. Just get your basic shapes finished and build from there. You can always tighten up your lines and fix your booboos later. Also, if it helps you, you can look at an image of a silhouette while you paint. I personally have printed off a couple of Google images for reference.

Step 6: Form her arms by painting two curved black lines that stem from your first black line and end the arms clasped together at her waist.

Rock 7

Step 7: Begin your groom in a similar fashion as the bride with a black line underneath the head to begin forming his tux.

Rock 8



Step 8: Where his armpits would be, paint vertical black lines to form the edge of his tux. Also, paint his arms in black connecting from his shoulders to his hips.

Rock 9

Step 9: Now fill in his suit jacket with the black paint.

Rock 10

Step 10: Paint his pants by connecting two thick black vertical lines to the bottom of his suit jacket.

Rock 11

Now that we’ve got our basic shapes formed, we can start drawing in the cute little details. Grab a small brush for this one.

Step 11: Give your groom a small pocket square in white by painting two small triangles on his right chest area and paint one medium-sized upside down triangle starting at the groom’s neck to form his shirt.

Rock 12

Step 12: Dip your small brush in the black paint and carefully give your groom buttons. Paint a small bow tie composed of two small triangles and a dot in the middle.

Rock 13

Step 13: Give your bride something to hold. Draw her a cone behind her clasped hands and begin her flowers by painting a series of small black dots.

Rock 14

Step 14: Flatten your brush and dip the tip in your black paint. Lightly touch the flattened tip of your brush around your dots to form the flower petals.

Rock 15

Step 15: Let your couple dry and grab your Mod Podge.

Rock 16

Step 16: Paint a light layer of Mod Podge over your couple ensuring you cover every bit of your paint.

Rock 17

Step 17: Let it dry and bring it to your wedding. Provide sharpies and invite your guests to sign your rock like they would a guest book.

Rock 18

Step 18: After your guests have signed and you’ve recovered from your big day, grab your Mod Podge again. Paint a light layer of Mod Podge on the entire rock to give it that shiny finish.

And we’re done! Now you have something meaningful you can decorate your yard with and enjoy every time you go outside. Every time you see your memory rock it will bring you back to your beautiful day. It will also bring you back to the day you spent painting a rock and may I say killing it creativity style! Enjoy everybody.

Rock 19

Rock 20

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