Winter Sparkle Invites

card 10

Winter isn’t over yet! I’ve decided to create a simple craft, made to represent the beautiful sparkling snow that may or may not be on the ground where you are. I like this card because it’s simple and because it’s so simple, it’s equally simple to make. It can also be thought of as a base for which to build your own design from. I think invitations are the perfect opportunity for a DIY. Why spend all that money on printing when you can make them yourself? So while I’ve got you feeling thrifty, let’s get started.


  • Card stock paper
  • Copy paper
  • Fine white glitter
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pearl beads

card 1

Step 1: Cut and fold your card stock paper to an appropriate card size.

card 2

Step 2: Cut a piece of copy paper about four to six inches tall and to the width of the card. Cut the top edge in a wavy pattern to mimic snow drifts.

card 3

Step 3: Glue down your prepared copy paper on your card.

card 4

Step 4: Cut another layer of copy paper shorter than the other piece and cut the top edge in another “snowy drift” design. Glue it on your card lining it up with the bottom edge.

card 5

card 6

Step 5: Glue a line along the top curvy edge of the bottom layer of copy paper and sprinkle glitter over the line.

card 7

Step 6: Wait for the glue to dry and tap off any excess glitter.

Step 7: Do the same on the top layer.

card 8

Now you could stop here if you like how it looks. I kind of liked how simple it was and felt like the layers looked nice by themselves. However, if you feel like it needs a bit more, continue to step 8.

Step 8: Take your beads and glue them on your card in a “falling snow” pattern. Make sure your beads are small enough to fit in an envelope.

I hope your card turns out as cool as mine did. As I was making this, I kept thinking of all the beautiful variations that could be made. You could add more layers of paper. You could add a sheer layer to give visual interest and print your names on it. You could create an ombre effect with varying colors of blue. The possibilities are so endless and likely to be easy, inexpensive, and awesomely cool!

card 9

card 10

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