Winter Table Arrangement


Summer and beach weddings are extremely popular, but winter weddings have their own fan base. The possibilities for a winter wedding are so exciting. I’ve seen a bunch of cool ideas for décor with all the sparkle of a fresh coat of snow. However, winter weddings can definitely be a challenge, especially if you live in an area with snow and single-digit temperatures. How do you keep your guests warm? What if there’s a blizzard? There are absolutely creative ways to solve all potential problems. I propose to all of you today, an answer to one potential winter wedding problem: the flowers. How do you create wintry arrangements with color? There are easy and fun ways to create yourself, exactly what you want to see on your tables. Follow along and I’ll help you find just one of those ways.


  • A container
  • Flower foam
  • Pine branches
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Paint brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • White glitter
  • Scissors
  • Pine cones
  • Ornaments

arrangement 1

Step 1: Cut your flower foam to fit your container. Make sure the flower foam fits securely in your container. You don’t want your arrangement to shift around.

arrangement 2

Step 2: Fill your container with water allowing the foam to soak it up.

Step 3: Gather your pine trimmings and clip one to a medium size.

arrangement 3

Step 4: Stick the branch in the middle of the foam. This will be the center you build down from so make sure the height is reasonable.

arrangement 4

Step 5: Stick a branch in each side of the foam. At this point your arrangement should form a triangle shape.

arrangement 5

Step 6: Now simply begin filling in the rest by building down from the top. Remember to keep your branches shorter than the middle branch.

arrangement 6

Step 7: You’ll probably notice the edges are empty and showing flower foam. Take some small pine branches and fill in the edges so the foam is less noticeable.

arrangement 7

arrangement 8

Step 8: Take off the top of your ornaments and put your bamboo skewer through the hole.

arrangement 9

arrangement 10

Step 9: Place the top back on with the bamboo skewer inside. This will lock the ornament in place.

arrangement 11

arrangement 12

Step 10: Stick your ornaments in your arrangement at random points, spread out.

arrangement 13

Step 11: Stick your bamboo skewer in your pine cones in order to place them in your arrangement.

arrangement 14

arrangement 15

Step 12: Finish adding your accessories. Just stick them in, evenly spread.

arrangement 16

Step 13: Now to add the snow. Lightly brush the white acrylic paint on the needles at the end of your branches.

You can decide how many to paint. I’ve chosen to paint a few branches rather than all of them.

Step 14: After painting, and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle white glitter on the branches. This will give them a sparkling winter look.

arrangement 17

Step 15: Make your finishing touches and you should have an arrangement that will wow your guests.

arrangement 18

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