Wedding Cake Toppers From Clothespins

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Are you looking for a DIY craft idea for your wedding cake toppers? Perhaps you want something on your cake with a personal touch, something that you created yourself? Maybe you would like wedding cake toppers that resemble you and your partner more closely than any mass-produced product you could buy. I was in the same position when planning my own wedding and I decided to make wedding cake toppers out of old-fashioned clothespins. The project was incredibly inexpensive and only required some vision and patience to turn out well. If you’d like to make your own DIY wedding cake toppers from clothespins, follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to having beautiful and personalized cake toppers.

Step-by-step instructions:

1.       Find your clothespins. This is pretty easy since old-fashioned clothespins are sold online and in most craft stores. You’ll probably have to buy an entire bag of them, however, since they aren’t usually sold individually or in pairs.

2.       Gather your paint supplies. If you don’t already have paint for this project, you’ll want to purchase some. How you paint your wedding cake toppers is up to you, but in my case, I chose to paint them as cartoon-like versions of us. Because of that, I only needed a few colors. I used acrylic paints and they worked well, so that’s what I recommend.

3.       Begin by painting the faces. Paint the faces for your wedding cake toppers first because if you are unhappy with the way the faces turn out, you’ll want to start over. Painting the faces in a satisfactory way is an important first step – you can correct a lot of errors you might make with the clothing, but it’s more difficult to cover up errors on the faces. Sketch out what you’ll paint first on paper. Once you have the sketch on paper, use a pencil to sketch out what you’ll paint on the actual heads of the clothespins. When you’re ready, use a steady hand to paint over the pencil lines on the faces.

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4.       Paint the clothing next. I went the traditional route and painted us dressed in our wedding clothes. If you do this as well, you can add as many realistic details as you want. Consider painting on the same jewelry or other accessories you’ll be wearing.

5.       Paint the hair last. Paint the hair for your wedding cake toppers last. This is especially important if you or your partner have long hair as the long hair will need to be painted over the clothing. Take your time with this one and consider using a finer brush to make the hair look more realistic.

6.       Balance the cake toppers on a glass to dry. Leave the cake toppers out to dry for at least a day to be sure that you don’t mess up the paint job. Keep them out of reach from any children or pets while they are drying.

7.       Add them to the cake! Now that you’ve done the work, reap the benefits! Place the toppers on your wedding cake when the big day rolls around or give them to your baker or wedding coordinator to place atop the cake.

About Elizabeth: My writing has been published by National Geographic, Discovery, AOL, and many other online and print publications. I started out writing DIY posts for Discovery’s Planet Green, How Stuff Works, TLC Green, and Planet Green. I’ve been inspired to write DIY wedding posts ever since throwing my own DIY camping wedding. Follow me on Google.

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