PVC Faux-to Booth: Backdrop

DIY Photo Booth Tutorial: How to Make a Photo Booth Backdrop with Lights


First, we made a frame for our DIY photo booth. See the DIY photo booth tutorial for the frame here. After making the frame, we needed a pretty backdrop. I wanted something that would be simple with some sparkle. I bought a large bolt of white chiffon from a swap meet in San Diego. Yes, a swap meet. Fabric is a ton cheaper at the swap meet than in a fabric store. I paid just under $1.50 a yard, baby!


If you want to make a DIY photo booth backdrop with lights, here is a simple tutorial:

First, I folded the chiffon to make a sleeve for the PVC pipe. I folded the edge up a little because I was afraid of fraying.sheer-cloth-curtain-backdrop

As you can see in the photo above, I wasn’t very precise with the sewing. It’s hard to hand sew in a straight line during your wedding week, folks. I kept telling people it didn’t matter because no one would notice. I told my mom she could fix it later if she really wanted to. Guess what? No one noticed, and no one fixed it. Ha! The bridal vision wins yet again.

I bought acrylic crystal beaded strings and teardrop crystals from other brides in the Weddingbee Classifieds and tied them together using clear string (fishing line or jewelry-making string works).

pvc-pipe-sheer-fabricThen Papa Hot Wings dressed a little hole in each corner to play a wire along the top where the crystals could hang. We used twist ties that we found in the garage. (I love having a handy dad who has all sorts of “tools” in the garage.) We quickly realized that the strings got tangled really quickly. So my dad suggested putting 3 strands each in a plastic bag. See that top photo? That made transportation and setup a lot easier.

crystal-jewels-clothBefore we wrapped everything up, I insisted we do some practice shots to make sure it worked as intended. I now present our superstar DIY Backdrop Makers in front of our custom photo booth backdrop in our practice photo booth.asian-women-aunts

father-in-law-beerSo there you have it, folks. Despite my warnings about DIYing, some projects are just too fun to pass up!

Are you deciding to have a photo booth at your wedding? There are some pros and cons to weigh before deciding to make one, especially if you’re going to make your own photo booth instead of just rent an old-school style photo booth (you know, the kind that you climb into, close the curtain, and it takes 4 photos in succession).

Remember that you will need not only the backdrop, camera equipment, a printer, a nice, clear space that the photo booth can take place at your venue, and props (those are optional but super fun!), but you will need someone to man the photo booth at all times. Even if you set up your photo booth to be self snapping (you can provide a remote clicker so that people can take pictures of themselves), having someone man the photo booth is crucial to make sure that everything’s functioning properly and to keep an eye on the equipment. After all, if something goes wrong, that’s essentially the end of the photo booth—guests will probably not waste their time trying to troubleshoot photo booth issues. So keep those things in mind if you are considering your own DIY photo booth for your wedding!

Are you doing a DIY photo booth?

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