“Weddings for Real” Podcast Shares Hilarious Stories and Industry Advice

A white iPhone with earbuds and small white flowers forming a crown on the top as if it's a bride.

It seems like there’s a podcast for every subject matter these days, and weddings are no exception. One of the newest podcasts about the wedding industry is Weddings for Real, which focuses on those closest to the world of weddings: vendors. Any baker, DJ, florist, or photographer who’s been helping people get married for long enough is bound to have some crazy stories to tell, but also plenty of advice for those who want to break into the industry, and this intersection of entertainment and advice is where Weddings for Real comes to play.

Weddings for Real is hosted by the owner and lead consultant of A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning, Megan Gillikin, who’s been in the industry herself for 10+ years. She sits down with wedding pros to talk about how they built their businesses, as well as everything from wedding trends, the impact of social media on weddings, and the future of the wedding industry.

“From feuding moms to drunk band members to destroyed wedding cakes, not much surprises me anymore. I’ve kicked bridesmaids out of weddings and been hired before there was even an engagement ring which, by the way, never resulted in a wedding,” says Gillikin.

If this wedding drama sounds more exciting than The Bachelor, check out episode 18, which includes the best of the podcast’s craziest wedding stories. For start-up business inspiration, check out episode 10 featuring Honeyfund CEO and her business experiences with Martha Stewart Weddings, Shark Tank, and Target.

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