What to Expect at a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

A bride wearing lacy white lingerie at a boudoir photo shoot.

More and more brides are opting for a boudoir photo shoot leading up to their wedding. Many use these photographs as a special and intimate gift for the groom on the wedding day or leading up to it. If you’re considering a boudoir shoot, you may be wondering what exactly to expect and how to prepare yourself before walking into the photo shoot. Here’s eight things to know in preparation for your boudoir photo shoot.

You Will Show Some Skin

Brides preparing for a boudoir photo shoot commonly wonder how much skin they’ll have to show to the photographer. Don’t worry—you won’t be naked during this photo shoot (unless you want to be). However, you should be prepared to show some skin. The word boudoir itself comes from the French word “boudeur,” which means “sulky.” The word boudoir is also associated with a woman’s private bedroom or dressing room. With that being said, this shoot will likely mean that you’ll be wearing lingerie, showing more skin than you would at a typical photo shoot.

Get Your Hair and Makeup Professionally Done

This technically will occur before the shoot starts, but you should consider having your hair and makeup done for the photo shoot. Having professionals doll you up means that you’ll be fully equipped to look your best on camera, especially considering that these artists have professional knowledge in how to do hair and makeup specifically for the camera. Plus, if you feel good, you’ll have confidence during your shoot, which is important during something so intimate and sexy. Some boudoir photographers have hair and makeup staff on call at the shoot while others don’t, so discuss this with your photographer ahead of time to see if you should hire hair and makeup personnel separately.

Bring Your Own Outfits to Feel Comfortable

White lacy lingerie and a flower crown at a boudoir photo shoot.

Prior to your photo shoot, you’ll want to connect with your photographer on whether or not you should bring your own attire. While some photographers will have corsets, lingerie, and accessories for the bride to wear, others will require brides to bring their own. Even if your photographer does have wearable items, you may consider bringing some items or accessories of your own to increase how comfortable you feel.

Be Ready to Experiment with Posing

Boudoir poses can definitely be more provocative than those at any other photo shoot. Your photographer will direct you to pose in particular ways in order to ensure your photos come out as sexy as possible! Don’t be surprised when your photographer advises you to arch your back, lift your legs, or twist your torso to get the perfect shot. While some of these poses may feel unnatural or awkward in front of the photographer, remember that they’re the professional in ensuring your photos come out as you envision.

You May Feel Self-Conscious

During these photo shoots, it’s completely normal to feel somewhat self-conscious, especially towards the beginning of the shoot. For that reason, it’s important to ensure you choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. You will probably still feel timid in front of the camera; not many people are used to taking photos like this, so these feelings are completely natural. But as the shoot progresses, you’ll open up more and it’ll begin to feel more natural.

There Will Be Furniture to Help You Pose

A bride wearing lingerie and sitting on a bed with her veil at a boudoir photo shoot.

Most boudoir shoots feature furniture that make posing in a sexy manner easier. This may include a bed, chaise lounge chairs, or other places to lay and pose. There also may be plush carpets and rugs to lay on to help your photographer get the perfect shot. These will help you feel more comfortable, as well.

Indulge in an Adult Beverage to Loosen Up

At many boudoir shoots, there are alcoholic beverages served to help you loosen up. Whether you indulge in a drink or two is up to you, but having some champagne or other cocktails may help you to get into the groove of the photo shoot.

It’ll Be Comfortably Warm

Most boudoir shoots have a warm temperature, which makes sense because you’ll likely not be wearing a ton of clothes as the photographer snaps photos. Expect for the photographer to turn the temperature up in preparation for your arrival in order to keep you as comfortable as possible.

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