Wine Cork Place Card Holders


It’s always fun to incorporate hobbies and interests into your wedding. These cork place card holders are a great option for wine lovers and vineyard weddings. And there are several ways to use them!

In order to make these holders, you’ll need lots of corks, so start collecting now! I only used real corks—not the synthetic plastic ones. Corks from red, white, and sparkling wine will all work just fine, although red wine will leave a little colored residue on one side of your cork. Personally, I think the red wine has a cool look, but it’s something to consider. You’ll also want to be extra gentle when removing your corks so that you don’t damage the top edges too much.

It’s very difficult to cut dry corks. When I tried, it was tough, and brittle pieces broke off. Before you start cutting into your corks, you’ll want to soften them up. I did this by steaming them. I placed my corks in a metal colander and placed that inside a pot of boiling water, making sure the water level didn’t directly touch the corks. If you have a steam basket, that will work even better. After about 10-15 minutes of steaming, the corks were easier to cut and less likely to crumble. I kept my corks in the steam basket as I was working and just removed a couple at a time.

After my corks were softened up, I cut them carefully with an x-acto knife. When I was scoring a ridge for my place card, I needed to expand the cut mark a little beyond just an x-acto cut line. To do this I ran the edge of a metal ruler inside the cut mark to increase the space enough and fit a sheet of card stock inside.


I experimented with different ways of using the corks as a mount. On one design, I stood up the cork and cut along the tall edge. The paper sticks out of the side, helping the whole thing to balance.


For a more stable design, you can cut the cork in half down the tall edge. Then score along the edge to create a ridge for your card to sit in. This design is also a good way to maximize your corks if you don’t have enough, since you can get two place card holders out of each cork.


Champagne corks are a little more stable so you can simply cut a spot for your paper place card to sit in along the top. I think this would be really cute for a New Year’s Eve wedding.


If you don’t feel comfortable cutting up your corks, you can also just place a piece of wire down the middle and “spear” your place card with the wire.

Or, you can mix it up between different place card designs and use a little bit of each one to add more dimension to your place card table.

Ask your friends and family now to start saving their corks so you can use this at your wedding. It’s completely free (if you don’t count the wine) and it will only take an afternoon to create these fun stands for place cards.

About Lauren: I’m an adventurous and friendly red head living in upstate New York. While I have a background in Marketing and Communications, I am currently doing freelance writing and focusing on my own blog, The Thrifty Ginger. I love planning events and focusing on the little details, so stick around for fun projects. Follow me on Google.

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