10 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Marriage Proposal Game

A millennnial couple hugging after a surprise marriage proposal.

Just like the famous and over the top promposals of our current-day youth. The millennial wedding proposal has taken the world by storm. The millennial generation tends to go the extra mile with all of social media watching. It’s partially this kind of audience that makes millennials try extra hard to make everything picture perfect. This is unlike previous generations, who had no access to social media. In the past, lovers had no one to share a special proposal with even if they did do something out of the ring box. Here’s how millennials are breaking the mold when it comes to proposals of marriage.

1. They’re Not Asking Permission

Gone are the days of asking your (hopeful) future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Not asking for a parent’s permission or blessing before a marriage proposal may be a horrifying idea to someone with a traditional background. Nevertheless, millennials are asking for permission to marry someone less and less. Perhaps millennials feel this practice to be a bit archaic or they want to get married regardless of who approves. Either way, this tradition is not happening as much as it used to.

2. They’re Going the Extra Mile

Many proposals today include a multi-step process in which the partner in the dark is kept that way until the very end. In this way, millennial proposals become almost like a multi-act play, complete with plot twists. Some millennials have even gone so far as to get their beloved a puppy and attach a ring to the collar.

3. They’re Proposing to Gay and Lesbian Partners

A woman proposing to her partner and kissing her hand.

With the legalization of gay marriage in the United States, the number of gay proposals went up exponentially. Many millennials are choosing to get married to same-sex partners.

4. They’re Proposing to Their Bridal Party

Nowadays, millennials don’t just propose to significant others. They now try to make the wedding party feel special, too, with bridesmaid and groomsmen proposals. It’s no longer good enough to simply ask your closest friends to serve as pillars in your big day, so some brides make scrap books or present their friends with candy bling as a fun and sentimental way to propose their wedding party involvement.

5. They’re Switching up Gender Roles

Gone are the days of the traditional boy asks girl wedding proposals. Millennials are ushering in a new era of the girl asking the guy. With many cultural ideas around gender shifting, it’s only natural that wedding proposals would be affected as well.

6. They’re Spending Big Bucks

A couple watching fireworks after their marriage proposal.

Why is it so important for millennials to spend the right amount of money during the proposal? Millennials seem to think the whole “less is more” thing is a wash. They want more for their life partners. More is more!

7. They’re Hiring Secret Photographers

That’s right. You too can become a millennial’s hired spy (if you’re a wedding photographer, that is). Since millennials spend so much money and energy making the proposal perfect, it only makes sense they’d want to capture it perfectly, too.

8. They’re Pranking Their Partners

A sweet, kind proposal that makes a lover cry happy tears? That’s out and pranks are in. Somehow along the way, the prank-posal became a huge part of millennial culture. It’s true—there are a lot of people out there convincing their partner they’re breaking up just so they can then shock them with a marriage proposal.

9. They’re Doing Crazy Themes

A couple getting engaged in scuba gear underwater.

There are zombie-themed wedding proposals now. (Let’s just hope this theme doesn’t carry over to the wedding—unless you’re into that sort of thing). From Star Wars to Disney proposals, millennials are taking their favorite parts of pop culture and making them part of their marriage proposals.

10. They’re Proposing Later

According to a study done by eHarmony, millennial couples know each other for an average of six and a half years before popping the question, compared to a rate of five years of those generations who came before. It seems important to millennials to wait a bit before committing to forever. Is this due to the theory that millennials are developing later and later in life as time goes on? Or perhaps millennials are learning from their baby boomer parent’s ghastly divorce rate and taking their time to make sure they found the right one?

Every generation brings something new to the table. While some claim millennials kill industries, they’ve shaped and changed the marriage industry in a short time.

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