6 Steps to a Better Engagement Ring Selfie

A young couple on a boat taking a selfie with an engagement ring on the woman's hand.

Taking a good selfie is not easy. And if you’re taking one with an engagement ring, you better be on top of your game because everyone you know is going to be looking at it. (There’s nothing like the pressure that comes with your engagement announcement, right?) Here are a few tips from photography experts who know a thing or two about making you and your ring look good together.

1. Find the Best Light

According to professional photographers, when it comes to taking a decent photo, good lighting is the number one factor. Try taking a few test pictures from a variety of angles so that you’re in the best light possible. You can always adjust the brightness in an editing app later, but it’s better to get good light in the first place rather than trying to recreate it later. If you’re taking the photo inside, get yourself close to a window so that you get at least some natural light.

2. Think About Composition

You don’t always want or need your face to be smack in the center of the picture. Instead, break the frame into thirds, and place your head in roughly two-thirds of that area.

Wondering where to position yourself while you’re taking your photo? Most experts say that shooting from above is more flattering. This causes your eyes to look bigger, and the lower half of your face to seem a bit smaller in comparison.

3. Make Use of What’s Around You

A woman holding her engagement ring on her hand up against a blue sky with a bridge in the background for a selfie.

Are you taking the photo from the top of a hike where your boyfriend or girlfriend proposed? Work that background. It will add a lot to the shot, even if it’s blurred and is just a dreamy blue sky, green forest, or white snow.

4. Think About How to Pose

To look good in a selfie, there are a few things you can do that work for most people. Tuck your shoulders back—but don’t do any of that duck face stuff. It’s super easy for people to tell if you’re trying to arrange your face or suck in your cheeks slightly. Keep in mind that it’s good to have some contrast between you and the background.

5. Make Sure the Ring Is Front and Center

You’ll want the focus of the shot to be on your ring, so make sure the camera is focused on that detail. You’ll probably want to use both auto and manual focus, and see which works best for your particular shot.

6. Get the Hand Placement Right

A woman with and engagement ring on her hand resting on her fiance's arm.

The toughest part of an engagement ring selfie is knowing how to position your hand in the shot. Play around with positions to see what translates best. Rest your hand against fabric, over a matcha latte, above a heart you drew in the snow, or resting on your fiancé’s hand.

Some people may think that selfies are silly or self-indulgent. But if you don’t share those feelings, then snap away! Selfies are a great way to mark the happy moment for yourself, and to share it with friends and family.

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