7 Unique Places for a Marriage Proposal

A young man on his knees proposing to a woman in front of an urban building.

Whether at your favorite restaurant or in a pretty park, there are quite a lot of “typical” places to propose. However, if you and your future fiancé are a little less conventional, you might want to consider a more unusual spot. While many people are tempted to make the proposal a very public affair, these options allow you to choose how much attention you draw to your proposal, even if the surroundings are very impressive!

1. On a Boat for the Water Lover

A man proposing to a woman wearing a white dress on a boat.

Whether you’re on a beautiful commercial cruise ship with thousands of others, or in a small boat in the middle of the local pond, you and your partner will feel the love when you are out on the water. Choose something that fits your budget, personalities, and interests. If going on a glitzy and luxurious boat ride is going to be the exact thing for your sweetie, that’s an amazing and memorable way to propose! If your partner is more private, a smaller vessel may be more romantic to them.

2. An Indoor Conservatory for the Plant Lover

If you love living things, visiting a big greenhouse plant conservatory can be a beautiful place to propose. Among the lush fronds of a tropical forest room or the spiny beauty of the desert cacti room, you can express your love with a gorgeous backdrop. It’s such a nice option for a casual date that your proposal will most likely come as a bit of a surprise!

3. On Top of an Urban Observation Deck in a City You Love

A young man proposing to a woman on a city rooftop.

In most large cities, the tallest skyscrapers have an observation deck from which you can see the whole city—think The Empire State Building in New York city or the Willis Tower in Chicago! Even if you don’t live in such an urban environment or aren’t planning a trip to one, there is most likely a rooftop restaurant, bar, or upper-story balcony where you can arrange for a romantic meet-up. Whether you share a meal or just a glass of wine, looking out over the scenery can often make you feel like you’re looking out into your own future. Aim for sunset (or if your partner is an early riser, sunrise!). The sky tends to be the most stunning at those times.

4. An Art Museum for the Thoughtful Conversationalist

This unique proposal can be done in any museum, but art museums are especially striking, and usually have enough space that you could propose in relative quiet if you want. Museums are often a place where people have interesting conversations while experiencing something new. Maybe this was a place where you had a date early on in your relationship, and a meaningful conversation occurred over a piece of art. A proposal in front of a romantic piece of history would be one for the books.

5. A Beautiful Nature Excursion for the Outdoorsy Couple

An athletic man and woman in a field getting engaged.

For the outdoor types, nothing quite beats the beauty of forests, mountains, ocean, and sky. Find a way to organize a day of hiking, biking, or just exploring in the wild. Some people would prefer to extend the trip and camp outside, while others might prefer to be able to propose and still head home afterwards. Do a little homework and hike along the route yourself first, so you know just the perfect moment of the day and spot to pause and ask your big question. If you’re more of a spontaneous hiker, just keep your eyes peeled for the perfect slant of light for a dramatic declaration of love.

6. At Sunrise for the Morning Person

Speaking of beautiful slants of light, you’d be surprised by how lovely it is to spend an early morning with your spouse-to-be. Early in the morning can often be people’s time to themselves, be it at a little breakfast diner or on a morning jog. At this time of the day, it can seem like you’re the only two awake, and that can make for a romantic, intimate conversation that ends in a proposal.

7. In Your Own Home!

A man kneeling in front of a young woman proposing to her with a ring box and heart balloons in the background.

While this one might be the most unusual of all, hear me out. If you live with your soon-to-be fiancé, sometimes the most beautiful and perfect location for a proposal is your own kitchen, living room, or dining room table. If you two are homebodies and love where you live, in the home is a great place to propose. A fancy homemade dinner, your favorite film, or even a rousing board game could all precede a very serious, thought-out proposal at home.

No matter where you choose to propose, your words are ultimately the best way to make your proposal unique. Spend at least as much time on the proposal’s design as you spend figuring out the perfect location.

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