7 Reasons to Get Engaged Over the Holidays

A man on his knees outside in the snow proposing to his girlfriend as she jumps in the air.

It’s easy to feel like love is in the air during the holiday season—because it is. Whether it’s the abundance of holiday cheer, the sales on engagement rings, or the togetherness of family and friends, it’s no secret that couples like getting engaged over the holidays. In fact, about 40 percent of engagements occur between November and February, giving it the nickname “proposal season.”

Though there’s no right or wrong time to get engaged—we’re big fans of the unexpected spring or summer proposal—there is something pretty magical about getting engaged this time of year. To celebrate this annual proposal season, here are seven reasons to get engaged over the holidays.

1. Your Friends and Family Will Already Be Around

What’s the first thing you have to do after you get engaged (besides plant a big one on your future spouse right away)? Tell your friends and family, of course! One of the big advantages of getting engaged during the holiday season is that you won’t have to send out any large group texts. Instead, you can pop over for a glass of bubbly at your aunt’s house or get together with your childhood BFFs and celebrate over dinner while you’re in town.

Telling friends and family over social media or text message that you’ve gotten engaged is exciting, but there’s nothing in comparison to telling them in person—where they can see the ring and hear every little detail of the proposal story.

2. You’ll Have Prime Photo Opps

Another advantage of getting engaged over the holiday season is that everything in town is a bit more dressed up thanks to all of the garlands, twinkle lights, and Christmas trees, which will make the ring photos even more stunning than they would have been already. Plus, you can have that classic ring pose right in front of the big family Christmas tree—always a favorite in our book.

3. Engagement Rings Can Be Less Expensive

A diamond ring in a jewelry box, surrounded by Christmas decor.

Engagement rings are never exactly cheap, but getting engaged during the holiday season can be slightly more economical. Because jewelers are eager to get in on the proposal season action, you may find yourself a great deal. However, a word of caution: finding a diamond or another type of stone with a slashed price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good deal. Always be prepared ahead of time before you head into the jewelry store and don’t just jump at the first deal that you see. You want to ensure that you’re finding a ring that fits your specifications—and not getting suckered into a deal because it was simply “on sale.”

4. It’s a Built-in Surprise Gift

If you are the one proposing to your future spouse, there’s really not a better time to surprise them with a ring than during the holiday season. This is your chance to get creative, and there are certainly a lot of fun ways that you could present the ring to them such as wrapping it up in a large box Russian nesting doll style or simply getting down on one knee after they are done opening up the rest of their presents. However you choose to do it, you can bet it won’t be a gift they’ll soon forget.

5. The Holidays Will Be More Meaningful

A young man putting a ring on his girlfriend's finger in front of a white Christmas tree.

What better way to celebrate families coming together than to commit yourself to starting a new one? Although you may not be celebrating your engagement anniversary every year, there’s no doubt that the holidays will take on a new special meaning after a holiday season proposal.

While your wedding anniversary may eventually steal the spotlight, you can make a pact to take a moment and celebrate your engagement date—even it’s just a quick kiss under the mistletoe.

6. Your Future Spouse Can (Finally) Be Included in Family Photos

Remember all those awkward times that your future spouse was asked to take the family photo instead of being included? Now that you have the ring there’s no excuse for your Aunt Brenda to disclude him or her from the large family photo.

You may not have a date yet, but you have a commitment that your family can (finally) get behind. The downside? Someone is going to have to teach your aunt how to use the self-timer on her iPhone, which is a chore in and of itself.

7. Let’s Face it—it’s Romantic

There’s a good reason for why so many proposals happen during the holiday season: because it’s romantic. The hustle and bustle, the decorations in the stores and in homes, the cocktail parties and the abundance of cozy fireplaces all make for a romantic time. And although you may not be the only ones getting engaged this time of year, it doesn’t make it any less special for the two of you.

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