8 Things Not to Wear in Your Engagement Photos

A couple dressed in warm clothes and sitting on a deck for their engagement photo shoot.

When you’re newly engaged, likely one of the first official wedding planning tasks you’ll complete is having engagement photos taken. This is definitely a fun part of wedding planning and you’ll undoubtedly treasure these photos for a long time to come. However, one of the more stressful parts of engagement photo sessions can be deciding what to wear. While there are so many wonderful outfit ideas that would photograph fabulously, there are definitely some clothing pieces and even accessories that you should straight up avoid to ensure that your photos come out as beautifully as possible.

1. Matching Outfits

While it may sound like a cute idea in theory, wearing matching outfits with your partner for these professionally taken photos is quite corny. And even if you love the idea at the time, chances are that these pictures will fail the test of time and you’ll end up regretting this decision down the line when you look back on these photos. Instead, wear outfits that nicely complement each other in colors and style for a cohesive look.

2. Loud Patterns

Wearing clothes in a loud and obnoxious pattern may cause you to not like your engagement photos as much as you could. Patterns with too many shapes or bright colors definitely photograph differently than expected and can be quite distracting. Plus, once the pattern that you’re wearing in the photo goes out of style, the photo will quickly age, which is something you don’t want. Instead, opt for either a solid color or a very subtle pattern. If you have your heart set on some kind of pattern, throw it in in the form of an accessory (perhaps via a scarf) and wear the accessory for only some of your photos. That way, if you don’t like the way the pattern photographs, it won’t be in every picture. Also avoid wearing clashing patterns with your partner, as this can just end up looking messy in photos.

3. Brand Logos

You don’t want to be a walking advertisement for a certain brand in your engagement photos, as this is not only distracting but kind of tacky. With that being said, avoid wearing clothes with large logos on them that will be obvious in your photos.

4. Trendy Pieces

An engagement photo shoot at the beach with a photorapher and a couple wearing white outfits.

Trends are fun to embrace, but the thing about them is that they tend to go out of style sooner or later. Wearing something very trendy in your photos will result in your photos becoming dated more quickly once what you’re wearing is no longer stylish. To ensure that your photos are timeless, wear something classic that is always in style.

5. Anything out of Character

A couple at their engagement photo shoot with their dog at a park.

In order to take great photos, you want you and your fiancé to feel like yourself! With that being said, avoid wearing anything that is totally not your style or that’s very out of character for you. The less comfortable you feel, the less natural you’ll look in photos. Plus, you want these pictures to be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Looking like complete strangers to yourself is not the way to achieve that goal, so don’t choose an outfit totally out of your regular style wheelhouse.

6. Pajamas or Athleisure

To the last point, while you certainly want to feel comfortable in your photos, you don’t want to look sloppy. This means that you should avoid wearing pajamas or athleisure clothing during your photo shoot. Dress up at least a bit in order to love the way your photos turn out. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear a ball gown and tuxedo, though—a nice pair of jeans will do!

7. Ill-Fitting Clothing

This may go without saying, but definitely don’t opt for anything that’s too tight or too loose to wear for your engagement photo shoot. Ill-fitting clothing will come off as incredibly obvious in photos, and it will likely be unflattering. Avoid having to wear something that doesn’t fit well by choosing your outfit ahead of time and trying it on to see how it fits before assuming that it’s good to wear. You may even want to have your outfit tailored to fit perfectly for your photos. The extra effort and thought will be well worth it for beautiful photos!

8. Too Many Outfits

It’s not uncommon for couples to participate in outfit changes during their engagement photo shoot. However, changing too many times will make your photos look messy and disjointed. Try to keep your outfits to a maximum of two in order to keep the looks cohesive. Plus, this will simplify your photo shoot quite a bit!

To aid in choosing the perfect outfits, look back at old photos of yourselves as a couple to see what you’ve worn in the past that has looked great and photographed well. Using this as a starting point to decipher what you should wear will help you to avoid these items that are absolute no-goes as far as your photo wardrobe is concerned.

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