8 Things to Do Right After the Proposal

A man and woman standing on a beach looking at a lit-up sign that says "Will you marry me."

They liked it so they put a ring on it. After the initial shock has worn off (OMG you’re actually engaged!), you may be wondering: What do we do next? Besides shouting that you’re engaged from the rooftops—it’s okay to have zero chill about this major life event—here is a list of things you should do right after you get the ring.

1. Take a Sweet Picture

Not that we need to remind you of this, but don’t forget to capture the moment after the sweet surprise with a photo. If you didn’t have anyone hiding in the bushes to sneak some pics of your reaction, then snap one quickly on your phone. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy—just a simple selfie of the two of you in newly engaged bliss.

2. Call Your Mom (and Your Sister, Best Friend, Cousin, etc.)

You’ll probably make the big announcement on social media later on, but you should first let the most important people in your life know about your engagement—and if possible, you should give them a call when you let them know. Warning: be prepared to retell the same story over and over again about how the proposal went down (just consider it practice for when you tell your grandkids someday).

3. Buy a Bottle of Bubbly

A pair of champagne glasses on a balcony in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

What’s a better reason to celebrate than a sparkly new engagement ring? Head to the nearest grocery or liquor store and buy a bottle of bubbly to pop open when you get home so that you can properly toast to a new life together—and a gorgeous new piece of jewelry.

4. Get a Group Together to Celebrate

A young woman and man visiting friends after they got engaged.

Have some local friends who were dying to get the text that you were engaged? Gather them all together and celebrate at a local bar, restaurant, or even at your apartment. Grab a cocktail or two, pose for pictures, and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by those you love the most in the world.

5. Take a Picture of The RING

A female hand with a diamond engagement ring on it.

Again, this one is too obvious, but it’s worth reminding you just in case the night gets away from you due to all of the excitement. Take a picture of your ring so you can get every glistening, sparkling detail to show to all of your friends and family. And if you feel so bold, post a couple on your social media accounts. No shame—we completely understand your need to announce your excitement on every single platform.

6. Get the Ring Insured

Although it seems unimaginable that you would ever let that new ring out of your sight, you need to protect it with an insurance plan just in case it’s ever lost, stolen, or damaged. You can procure ring insurance through an already existing renter’s insurance policy, homeowner’s insurance policy, or you can go through your jeweler to get a special insurance policy that’s specifically made for jewelry. Insuring your ring doesn’t cost that much and it can give you great peace of mind—just in case you accidentally drop your ring in the sand when you’re on vacation.

7. Get Your Ring Sized

Although your betrothed did their best, if they held the ring in secret there was no way for them to know if it would perfectly fit your hand. If your ring is fitting too loose or too tight, then you’ll need to get it re-sized so that it doesn’t cut off your circulation or if you accidentally flick it off when you’re walking around.

To get your ring re-sized, go to the jeweler where the ring was purchased so that they can take measurements and understand exactly what needs to be done so that it fits properly. As hard as it may be, you’ll be without your ring for a couple of days—but the next time you’ll see it you’ll have a much better fit.

8. Take Plenty of Time to Breathe and Celebrate

It may be tempting to jump right into wedding plans after you get engaged, but our best advice to you is to take at least the weekend to fully celebrate your engagement. The engagement is more than just your planning period for your wedding—it’s also a significant moment of commitment that you made to each other. And that’s not nothing!

So while it’s fine to peruse Pinterest and make a wedding board (or let’s be honest, make your wedding board public now that you’re actually engaged), try not to get too deep into wedding plans right away. This is a moment worth celebrating all on its own, and trust us: your wedding plans aren’t going to go anywhere. They’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to get to them.

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