9 Things to Never Post Online About Your Engagement

A young woman posting on social media about her engagement.

Getting engaged is certainly exciting, and it can bring about many emotions and actions once it occurs. Naturally, the minute you say, “Yes!” you’ll want to share the news with the people you love. You’ll also quite likely want to share it widely on your social media platforms. After all, who doesn’t want to put their happy news out there into the universe? With that being said, while there are so many things you should share about this special news, there are also some topics surrounding your engagement that you shouldn’t broach on the internet. Here are nine of them.

1. The News too Soon

One thing to avoid doing on social media in regards to your engagement news is to post it too soon. This means that you definitely don’t want to post anything on social media prior to telling your family and friends personally. They won’t want to find out in such an impersonal way, as it will likely feel insulting to them and make them question your relationship. Before you hit “post,” ensure that you’ve told all your closest friends and families via phone or text or even in person, if possible.

2. Polls or Voting Features

Social media has so many nifty features nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they need to be used to share the news of an engagement. Avoid using the polling or voting features on Instagram when you’re posting anything about your engagement. The items surrounding this special event simply shouldn’t be up for discussion or debate among your followers.

3. Too Many Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to adorn your posts and make it easy for people to find the content on your page. However, flooding your followers with an abundance of wedding related hashtags is going to be annoying on their end. Pick a few, carefully curated hashtags if you must. If you were thinking of using a ton of hashtags because you’re hoping a wedding blog or publication would find your engagement and feature it, try submitting your photos to directly to them instead.

4. Details of the Ring

A woman holding an open ring box with a gold engagement ring in it.

Even though it may be tempting to do so, never post the details of your sparkler on social media. This includes the setting, carat weight, cut information, and certainly not the price. Doing so is tacky and is definitely considered oversharing in this instance. Also refrain from sharing anything you may not love about your ring or what you would have liked better if the piece of jewelry isn’t exactly what you were envisioning. Some things should just be kept private!

5. Who’s in Your Wedding Party

It’s natural once you’re engaged to start thinking through details for your wedding day. It’s fun! However, don’t share details such as who’s in your wedding party on social media. It’s another tacky thing to share and will make people feel isolated or left out from the start. Keep these details to yourself and/or within your inner circle to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

6. Too Many Photos

A couple that just got engaged on the beach taking a selfie.

Even though you’re over the moon about your engagement and might want to share every moment, it doesn’t mean that all of your followers want to be inundated with your photos. Keep your post concise and refrain from posting too many pictures of this big moment. Your followers on social media will thank you.

7. A Video of Your Ring

While a photo of your ring is definitely acceptable to post, avoid posting a close-up video of your sparkler. This can be seen as braggadocious about your diamond and definitely places the entire emphasis of your excitement on the material part of this big event. Keep content like this to yourself as a special memory, but don’t post it for all of your followers to see.

8. An Immediate Name Change

Everyone knows you’re excited over your big news, but that doesn’t mean that you should immediately change your name or add “The Future Mrs. X” to your social media profiles. This will indicate to your followers that you’re a bit over-eager and that you’ll totally be oversharing throughout the entirety of your engagement, which may cause some to hit the “unfollow” button.

9. Tentative Wedding Plans

Just like you don’t want to tag and share who will be in your wedding party, you also shouldn’t share your tentative wedding plans that you’re thinking through alongside the news of your engagement. First, you shouldn’t share anything about a date or location until it’s set in stone. Second, sharing this information with all of your followers could result in hurt feelings when some aren’t invited.

While sharing the news of your engagement on social media is a regularly practiced and practically expected rite of passage nowadays, it doesn’t mean that you should break any of these unspoken social media rules. Stick to these tips to give your followers this information tactfully and in a way that will prompt them to celebrate with you virtually.

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