9 Things You Need for a Cozy At-Home Fall Engagement Photo Shoot

An engaged couple sitting on the deck of a house wearing sweaters in a fall setting.

At-home engagement photo shoots are more popular than ever. They’re intimate and personal, and, of course, cozy. And what’s cozier than an at-home fall engagement photo shoot? Because if there’s any season that would be crowned the coziest, it would be fall. So if you’re planning on having one, then you’ll definitely want to check out our suggestions. From mugs and cardigans to throw blankets and pumpkins, we have the tips for you to help create the coziest abode ever!

1. Throw Blankets

Blankets are the ultimate cozy chic accessory, and you can never just have one (because why would you?). Multiple throw blankets of all different colors and textures are best because they can work with a variety of different themes and looks for the shoot. Plus, they’re soooo soft.

2. Pumpkins

A couple wearing scarves and hats and holding a pumpkin.

This one is easy, but so necessary. Having a variety of pumpkins, and a lot of them, will definitely make your shoot feel and look like fall. Try big pumpkins, smaller ones, and go for different shades including white, pink, and green.

3. Cardigans

What’s cozier than a thick cardigan? Cardigans, especially those made from wool, are the quintessential wardrobe staple of fall. They can be dressed up or down, and also are sexy and romantic, too. Make sure both you and partner have a few cardigans to wear during the process of the photo shoot.

4. Candles

Candles are both romantic and cozy, and make the perfect ambiance whether they’re lit or not. Thick, tall candles make a statement, but so do vintage candle holders and tea lights. Give your photographer a variety to choose from.

5. Mugs

What’s cuter and cozier than shots of you and your beloved snuggling up with some warm cups of hot cocoa? Will the mugs actually be filled with warm beverages? Probably not. But that’s not the point. The point is mugs and couples = #couplegoals. Have fun with your mugs and choose ones with fall motifs or even matching ones with your names.

6. Plaid

It’s the pattern of fall, and just seeing it makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. Whether it’s a plaid blanket, shirt, or even a plaid pillow, your photo shoot definitely needs a touch of it to complete the cozy look.

7. Fall Food

Fall food is cozy. Beautiful images of food instantly conjure up memories and sensations, and depending on the shot, can definitely speak volumes about the connection between you and your partner. Maybe you include a bowl of apples on the kitchen counter, a freshly baked pumpkin pie, or a bottle of maple syrup alongside a stack of pancakes. It’s a sweet touch that will go a long way in your images.

8. Sweaters

Like their clothing cousin the cardigan, sweaters are another fall wardrobe staple that are effortlessly adorable and, of course, cozy. You can snuggle up alongside your partner wearing one, playfully pull up your sweater to your nose, there’s a number of ways that you can squeeze a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings from a warm and fuzzy sweater.

9. Fall Leaves

Live in a home with a backyard? Then you must take a shot outdoors in front of the fall foliage. If you create a makeshift picnic in the backyard, then you’ll have a few cute shots that perfectly capture the season. Don’t have a backyard? If you have a balcony that shows off beautifully autumn-hued trees in the background, that works too! (Even a few shots at a local park will do!)

Fall is a beautiful time to capture your engagement at your home. By incorporating the classic staples and textures of the fall season with you and your partner’s natural chemistry, you’ll create a photo session that’s both genuine and cozy.

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