Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: Are They Really Getting Married?

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Image via Fredericksburg.

It could be a whirlwind romantic relationship that leads to the land of Happily Ever After. It could be a train wreck just waiting to come to a stop. It could even be a publicity stunt to boost the popularity of two celebrities. Whatever “it” is, the relationship of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande happened fast. Suddenly after a short term of dating, the two are supposedly engaged. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Grande went from being a teeny bopper Disney star to a worldwide phenomenon. Her vocal chops are insane and her reputation even has her in the “diva” realm. She just turned 25 and hasn’t showed signs of slowing down. So, in May when she broke up with long-term boyfriend Mac Miller, people probably weren’t too surprised. But what happened next knocked them to their knees. Within two months, she was sporting a shiny engagement ring. Pete Davidson is known as the awkward guy on Saturday Night Live. He’s been very open with the public about his battles that landed him in rehab and his mental health. He broke the news in May that he and his girlfriend of two years Cazzie David were no longer a couple.

By the middle of May, everyone was buzzing about this new relationship. At the Billboard Music Awards, the two were seen hanging out. The, they start showing up in each other’s social media sites a little too much to be only “friends.” The biggest clue came to the surface at the end of May when Davidson posted a photo online of he and Grande dressed in Harry Potter attire. Under the photo he wrote, “The chamber of secrets is open.” The lovey-dovey stuff just keeps getting better on social media.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande.

Image via Cosmopolitan.

Why do people wonder if this is true love or a publicity stunt? If you really pay close attention to Hollywood, stars usually announce any changes in their lives during press tours. If a song drops, you’re going to hear something exciting going down in their personal lives. Do you really think people get divorced and announce it the next day? There’s no way in Hollywood. On her 25th birthday in June, Grande surprised the world by dropping her new track “Raindrops.” She’s popular enough for it to soar without the use of her relationship publicity, but it does help that she’s in the gossip section each day regarding her romance. Davidson himself just announced he’s starring as the leading role in American High’s upcoming drama, “Big Time Adolescence.” Didn’t you wonder why he’s been on shows talking about his new role when SNL is on summer hiatus?

Whether they’re a match made in heaven or for the cameras, they now have permanent markers of one another. Davidson is known to have many tattoos, so it’s only natural he got a tattoo of Grande’s bunny ear mask and an AG on his thumb. Both of the stars confirmed their engagement and that they’ve moved in together as well. No one asks how you break a lease or sell a house in less than a month, but apparently it can easily happen in their world.

Of course, with a quick engagement comes gossip of a pregnancy. Grande denies she’s having a child with Davidson. No matter what people are saying or if the two are really as in love as they seem, this relationship is playing out daily on social media. We can only sit back and watch this unfold as many still wonder if they’ll really make it down the aisle. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are entertaining and fun, so whatever their future holds together can only be full of excitement.

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