Do’s and Don’ts of Holiday Proposals

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Why does it feel like everyone you know gets engaged during the holidays? Well it might be because they do! According to Facebook, the most popular days to get engaged are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and of course, Valentine’s Day. The most popular months to pop the question are during the holiday months—November and December.

Whether it’s the sudden chill in the air, the gathering of family and friends during celebrations, or that holiday presents and family traditions get you and your partner thinking about your futures, getting engaged during the holidays is a great way to ring in the season. So, if you’re the person thinking about popping the question to your partner, what are some guidelines to help things go off without a hitch? Is there anything you should avoid or anything that you should make sure not to forget? What about the ring? Is there a way to make it stand out from the rest? (It is going to be THE holiday gift, after all!)

Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts of holiday proposals to help you make it special for you and all your family and friends.

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Do’s of Holiday Proposals

If Visiting Family, Let Them Know about the Proposal

Everyone loves a good proposal, including your partner’s family. But even though you may be very familiar with your partner’s family, you still don’t want to catch them off guard with a public (or even a private) proposal without giving them a little warning first. First, you want to make sure they have the bubbly ready to pour once the question’s been popped. Second, you want to make sure that they don’t think your proposal is trying to overshadow any special holiday celebrations or traditions they might have planned.

Before you make the trip to their house, give them a visit in person if possible, or at least have a phone conversation letting them know what’s going to happen. You don’t necessarily have to tell the entire family (you want it to be a bit of a fun surprise, of course!), tell the person or people who are most important to your partner so that they can be let in on the exciting secret. That way they’ll know what’s coming and they can maybe even help you arrange it!

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Make It Magical

Of course, the biggest “do” of holiday proposals is to make it magical. Prepare months ahead of time to ensure that your partner’s ring is exactly the one they’ve always wanted to ensure that it’s a holiday gift they won’t forget. Gemvara makes custom wedding rings that are handmade to ensure your partner gets the ring of their dreams. Whether you want to create a personalized engagement ring, or your partner is enamored with the idea of a vintage style ring, be sure to take a look at all of Gemvara’s selection to pick out the perfect piece for your future spouse.

In addition to the ring, find a creative way to make the proposal special. Do the proposal in front of the glow of a Christmas tree, under the mistletoe, or during a moonlit sleigh ride. Get Christmas carolers involved, go ice skating and (carefully) pull out the ring in the center of the ice. Propose to them right as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. Propose to your future spouse in their childhood bedroom where they undoubtedly dreamt about this very moment. Wherever and however you decide to do it, keep your partner at the forefront of your mind. Don’t plan a public proposal if you know it might overwhelm your partner, or don’t do it outside when you know your partner can’t stand the cold. Just make it special and you can’t go wrong.

Be Mindful of Religious Traditions

For those who have partners who are religious (or at least their families are), it’s important to be mindful and respectful of their traditions when thinking about a good time to propose. For example, although you may think the first night of Hanukkah may be a romantic time for the proposal, your partner’s family may have very specific traditions that they practice and a surprise proposal may not be well received. However, every family is different and it’s always just best to ask when a public proposal would be best (or when the best time to announce an engagement is).

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Don’ts of Holiday Proposals

Propose Out in the Snow Without Securing the Ring!

There’s something pretty lovely about snow. It’s beautiful and serene and makes you feel that certain something during the holidays. It can also make it pretty difficult to see a diamond ring that’s been dropped on the ground during a proposal. If snow is part of the equation of your perfect moment, be sure to choose a clear sidewalk or tie the ring to a string to make it easier to find if it accidentally slips out of your glove!

Surprise Proposal in Front of Family You Just Met

It’s often difficult to arrange a meeting of your partner’s family with complicated schedules and different geographical locations. But even though it may be difficult, you should really try to not make your proposal the first time you meet them in person, especially during the holidays. Some things can’t be helped (such as living far away from your partner’s family), but in an ideal world it might make your partner’s family feel more comfortable if you waited just a bit after your first holiday with them to propose.

Turn the Holidays into a Party All About You

The question has been popped, the ring was put on, and the wedding planning is in a flurry of its first stages. Even though your excitement is just bursting at the seams, be sure to not make the entire holiday season about your engagement. There are other celebrations and family members coming from out of town and while your engagement is certainly important and special, it’s not the entire reason for the family getting together. Just keep the parties and celebrations to a minimum if there are already several things scheduled (and then of course plan your ultimate party—your wedding—during your engagement).

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However You Propose, Have the Perfect Ring

Whether it’s under the stars or at a large party, make sure you have the perfect ring that will remind them of that magical moment they said “yes”. Whichever design you choose, Gemvara gives you the choice of 29 natural gemstones and 9 precious metals so their ring is truly one of a kind. Not sure what your partner wants? Propose with a token of their ring to come and choose something special together. Their professional jewelers focus on high quality craftsmanship with personally chosen, handset stones so not only will your ring look amazing, it will stand the test of time.

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