Engagement Ring Trends of 2021

A tray of engagement rings with different gemstones and metal colors.

Although engagement rings are a classic jewelry staple meant to symbolize the joining of two individuals, trends come and go for these stunning jewels. 2021 is no exception, and there are a host of styles topping the charts as the most popular.

Yellow Gold

In years past, yellow gold has taken a backseat to metals such as white gold or platinum, but it’s making a comeback in 2021. Many couples opt for this metal given its easy ability to complement an everyday look and other jewelry, as well as for its classic nature. The downside to this trend? The price of gold rose during the pandemic, and given the popularity of this metal, it’s not predicted to go down any time soon.

Engagement Bands

Rather than the traditional engagement rings featuring one (or two, or three) prominent stones, engagement bands—similar to the style of traditional wedding bands—are having a moment. These chunky bands make a definite statement, and are frequently decorated with diamonds or other gemstones. These stones are usually bezel-set so they fit in perfectly flush with the band without sacrificing on their “wow” factor.

Blue Stones

A blue gemstone engagement ring.

Blue sapphire stones are a large trend in engagement rings right now. Some accredit this to the most recent season of Netflix’s The Crown, as it featured Princess Diana’s famous 12-carat, oval Ceylon sapphire, encompassed by 14 stunning diamonds. Besides blue sapphires, other colored stones in hues of blue are popular right now, too. Aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz, and tanzanite are all topping the list of most popular with brides, giving them a built-in way to have their “something blue” on their wedding day.

Two-Stone Rings

This next trend offers a unique twist on this classic piece of jewelry. Instead of having one diamond as the focal point, rings that follow this trend have two stones to offer supreme balance and even more bling. These rings are also said to signify something special: two souls becoming one. Romantic, right?

Hidden Halos

Hidden halos are a huge trend in 2021 engagement rings, offering the perfect way to totally bling out this piece of jewelry. A hidden halo consists of smaller diamonds placed underneath the center diamond, adding even more sparkle and shine.

Oval Diamonds

A woman's hand with an oval-shaped diamond ring and wedding band.

There are so many diamond shapes out there, and it looks like the favorite shape of 2021 engagement rings is set to be the oval. (Some jewelers report that this shape has officially become more popular than princess-shaped diamonds, a longtime favorite.) Oval diamonds have a unique look that’s appealing to the eye, so it’s no surprise they’re in demand this year.

Darker Rings

2021 is proving to popularize engagement rings with more of an edge. While engagement rings are traditionally feminine and sweet, this new trend brings a more edgy feel with gothic motifs. Darker metals are used in these designs, pairing perfectly with the style of a bride whose favorite neutral is black.

Virtual Shopping

Even the way we are shopping for engagement rings is changing in 2021, which is a trend for how people are acquiring these important pieces of jewelry this year. While historically many couples liked to shop for their engagement rings in-person, the use of social media, well designed websites, and video calls has made it easier than ever to shop for and purchase engagement rings completely virtually.

Vintage Rings

A vintage-looking wedding band.

Everything old is new again! The intricate details of vintage-style engagement rings have caught the eyes of many as we lead into 2021. Touches such as milgrain (a beaded metal pattern), filigree (metal wire detail) or elaborate halos give off a vintage or antique feel. The great thing about this trend is that it’s versatile. You can take advantage of it by shopping estate jewels, using a family heirloom, or shopping for a new piece that is vintage-inspired.

The world of engagement rings is ever-changing, but it seems these trends are here to stay for the year ahead.

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