How Should You Tell Your Friends and Family About Your Engagement?

A man proposes with an engagement ring

You’ve just gotten engaged and you’re ready to scream it from the top of every mountain. The problem is you need to tell your family and friends before the entire world hears about it. There’s so many fun ways to share the exciting news. There’s also a few people you have to tell before anyone else, so it’s time to get your engagement priorities in line and get ready to share the journey ahead.

Who Should Know First

Parents come first because they’ve probably been wondering about the person you’ll marry since they held you in their arms for the first time. Try to tell them in person if you live in the same area. If not, FaceTime or another video chat is the next best thing. Tell each set of parents the news separately so they get the special moment with just the two of you. Traditionally, the father of the bride will know the engagement is coming since the future groom often asks for his agreement to the marriage. You never know if he babbled to his wife or not, but it’s still exciting news. Next up, you can tell other family members and loved ones. Lastly, you know the world needs to know every move you make so change that status on social media to “Engaged.”

Show Off That Bling

A fun way to share your news without stating the obvious is to simply wear your ring. Go out with your best girlfriends for Happy Hour and don’t say anything about your engagement. For some brides, it’s next to impossible to keep the secret, but for others it’s just as much fun to carry the secret for just a little bit. Make big hand gestures and touch the menu asking what is good to eat. Someone is going to notice that bling and start to scream. The rest of Happy Hour will be spent planning your wedding and hearing all the details of the engagement. Get ready for the night to be all about you, once the bling is seen.

Friends at a party raise their glass for an engaged couple

Surprise Engagement Party

You’ve heard of celebrities throwing parties that end up to be their wedding, so it’s only natural you can have a party that ends up to celebrate your engagement. Invite all of your family and best friends. Tell them it’s just a fun gathering to celebrate life. You can even give it a theme or tell everyone to dress up. Once everyone is there you can reveal the real reason for the shindig. The only downside is you might not get gifts, but you can leave that for the wedding.

Pick Up The Phone

It’s sad that in today’s world you really have to spell this out for future brides. Picking up the phone to make an actual call seems abnormal to some people. The reality is that a phone call is a personal thing with a better connection than just a text with a picture of your ring. Of course, for acquaintances a text of your ring is fine, but loved ones and close friends should receive an actual phone call. They will be over the moon that you took time of out of your excitement to actually give them a call and share the news.

Friends share wine outside in celebration

Social Media Frenzy

Social media should be saved until everyone you know and love has heard the news. Even people you think just might get their feelings hurt if they find out on social media should be told before you post it. You want the world to know, but you don’t want to hurt people in the process. Take some cute photos together, a shot of the ring and a fun caption when you finally post it. Get ready to spend hours answering celebratory messages and reading through all of the sweet comments.

Family Dinner

Invite one or both of your families over for an intimate dinner. Tell them you just want to get together for a special meal. Cook up all of your favorites and get ready to show off. You don’t have to slip the ring on until you share the news, so don’t be afraid they’ll see it before you’re ready to tell. Before you dive into dinner, share the story of your engagement and show off your ring. Odds are, they’ll be so excited, they’ll forget all about the home cooked meal.

Baked Goods

Whether you’re out to dinner with friends or with family, there’s never a bad time for baked goods. Bust out the cookies with “I Said Yes” scribbled along the top. Bake a cake and stick a funny bride cake topper in the middle. Order donuts that spell out “Engaged.” They may not get it at first, but it will begin to sink in. No one can resist a good dessert, so there’s really no way you can go wrong when it comes to sugar.

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