2018 Makeup and Style Trends You Won’t Want to Miss!

Woman with a modern hair style and strong eyebrow accents

It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time to look at what makeup and style trends will be hot for 2018. Although everyone will tell you “it’s all about the dress,” the right hairdo and makeup can really pull your bridal look together and make you look picture-perfect for the big day.

This year’s trends are all about embracing the naturally beautiful you and embracing your whimsical, romantic side.

Here are a few trends to look forward to in 2018:

Effortless Hair

In 2018, look for bridal hair to trend toward emphasizing romantic, whispy-looking soft waves. Gone are the days of tight, over-styled waves and super-elaborate updos (that involve a lot of effort and hairspray). Instead, bridal hair this year will be all about embracing what is already working for your hairstyle. If you have super-straight, baby-fine hair, don’t try to turn it into a head full of curls that will probably fall out before you’ve cut the cake. If you have curls for days, embrace them in a hairstyle that will work with your hair.

If you had your heart set on an updo, put your hair in a loose chignon and have a few pieces hanging down, or have your stylist create a loose braid that will work well with your veil. This hair trend is all about giving you that effortless, chic look, without over-styling your hair.

Strong Brows

Strong brows, à la Audrey Hepburn and Brooke Shields, are the look of the moment—and that trend is carrying over to wedding styles. Don’t have much going on in the eyebrow department? Stop plucking and start growing them out to get them nice and thick before your wedding day. Thanks to the popularity of the big-brow movement, there are plenty of eyebrow products out there that can help you enhance what you already have.

Flower Accessories in Hairdos

The last few years we’ve seen a resurgence of the flower crown, which was popular with hippies during the 1960s. Look for more of the same in 2018, but with a little more muted presence in wedding styles. Try a flower crown made out of baby’s breath for a more low-key version of the larger, bolder flower crown that’s been popular for the last few years.

Woman wears a flower crown in a field

Also, don’t be afraid to venture outside of the flower crown and add floral accessories to a low ponytail, tucked behind your ear, or delicately placed in an updo.

Braid Crowns

Braid crowns have been around for centuries, but thanks to YouTube and the massive amounts of braiding tutorials available, braids are more popular than ever. Try a braided crown on your wedding day for a fun, elegant, and classic look for your wedding hair. A braided crown would look great with a veil tucked in behind, shimmering hair accessories placed throughout it, or with nothing at all.

Woman braids her hair into a crown

Photo Sourced by www.hairzstyle.com

Muted Lips

If bold lips are your thing, feel free to embrace a dark lip for your bridal look—but for the rest of us who aren’t quite as comfortable applying darker colors to our lips, muted lips are going to be big this year. Apply a muted pink, nude, or light brown lipstick for an update to your everyday look, perfect for the low-maintenance bride.

Woman applies a pink lip gloss

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