2021 Bridal Hairstyle Trends

A bride wearing a lace dress with a windswept updo for her hair.

If 2020 has influenced style trends, it’s in a way that made us relax a little and embrace our natural selves. At the same time, staying at home more than ever has also got everyone craving any and every moment to glam it up. This is why the top bridal hairstyle trends of 2021 make so much sense. Brides today are opting for styles that appear slightly lived-in. They’re the perfect combo of effortless yet elegant, and natural yet polished. Think unfussy up-dos and beachy waves.

The idea is to show off one’s natural beauty and stand out without seeming over-the-top. To put it in other words—the point is to be your best authentic self. And what’s even better is that many of these styles can easily be done all by yourself at home. Interested yet? Let’s look at the hottest bridal hairstyles and trends of the year.

Loose Bun

Meghan Markle could be argued to be the inspiration for the slightly undone bun. Let’s put it this way: sometimes simple is better. Although her wedding with Prince Harry was a few years ago, the style is more in-demand now than ever. And this year, brides are opting for a lowered bun or French twist with a few loose hairs around the face. Others are also loving a hint of texture to the style for a more modern take. And if you have long bangs, curl them slightly to highlight your facial features.

Half Up-Dos

A bride with a half up-do in her hair and a lace dress. .

This is a popular choice for many brides as it’s a compromise between a structured style that’s also relaxed. It goes perfectly with loose waves and adds a more refined touch to what would seem like a slightly undone look. It’s also rather symbolic of the desire to return back to normal (aka, dressing up) while not taking things too seriously, either. The half up-do is also a fantastic option for brides who want to show off their long hair while emphasizing their facial features and makeup, too. And if you’re looking for something extra special, the half-do combines well with braids and hair accessories, both of which are also trending in 2021.

Add Accessories

A bride's hairstyle decorated with large pearls.

Whatever style you choose, you can always enhance it. Accessories are highly popular this year as it’s a really easy way to spice up and polish any option without much effort. Even the most basic hairstyles can be instantly transformed into elegant masterpieces with a few clips and pins. Some brides are also opting for headbands this year, as they give a slight tiara vibe without seeming too over-the-top. Accessories can also be useful in taking things down a notch. For example, think of how adding flowers to a hairstyle can make it seem more casual and relaxed. Either way, accessories are definitely worth considering even if you consider yourself more minimal in style.

Statement Braids

A bride on the beach wearing a braid and flower crown.

For a more romantic look, take a cue from Daenerys of Game of Thrones as braids are trending big time this year. What everyone loves about braids is that they’re versatile and can work with any type of hairstyle — be it up-dos, half-dos, or loose hair. Add loose waves for a more relaxed look, flowers for a down-to-earth vibe, or sparkly pins for extra glamour.

High Ponytail

If you’re a casual bride seeking a chic, youthful contemporary style, a refined ponytail may be your go-to. Seeking extra shape and volume? Then give this look a shot. And while it’s ideal for brides with long hair, it can work for anyone who’s willing to try out extensions. And, of course, it works well with both straight hair for a more modern look or wavy hair for a romantic twist. A ponytail is also rather functional, making it perfect for spring and summer weddings that take place outside. If you have a dress that shows off your neck and shoulders, you should definitely consider this as an option.

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