4 Simple Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do Yourself

woman styling hair

No matter what kind of wedding you have—big, small, church, outdoor—you undoubtedly want your hair to be perfectly coiffed when saying those nuptials. Unfortunately, paying a professional to get you ready on your big day can get quite pricey, and when you’re trying to have a wedding on a budget, beauty may take a backseat to other items. But cutting a stylist from your budget doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with your same old ‘do. Practice one of these styles on your own and you’ll still look like royalty on your wedding day!

1. Old Fashioned Finger Waves

Vintage loving brides will fall in love with this old-fashioned hairstyle that is easy to style yourself. All you’ll really need for some pretty finger waves are some wave clamps, some strong holding gel, and a little bit of patience to get the technique down.

Finger waves

Start with your hair freshly washed and slightly dried. You don’t want it to be sopping wet, so be sure to dry it with a towel to soak up moisture. Then, do a deep part on your hair and apply your gel so that the waves stay in place. From there, you’ll be actually making the waves with your fingers. To do this, start with the larger section of the part and comb your hair straight down add a wave clamp about a half inch from your part to keep hair in place. Using one hand to hold the clip and the other hand to hold the comb, comb down and push up slightly to make a little wave. Repeat this process, clipping every wave, until you’ve reached the top part of the ear. Once you’ve finished the larger side of the part, make some waves on the other side. If you have long hair, you’ll have to decide what to do with the remaining length of your hair. You could either curl the rest into soft waves or pin it up into a loose bun. Add a headband with some flair to complete this vintage look.

2. A Loose, Romantic French Braid

When it comes to wedding day hair, the more romantic it is the better. A French braid is an easy hairstyle that can be altered depending on the length and texture of your hair. French braid your hair into a side pony or opt for a half-up, half-down do and secure with a few bobby pins. If you don’t know how to French braid your hair, there are plenty of online tutorials you can watch, but the key is to start with three strands of hair and gradually grab a little bit more hair each time you swoop the pieces to create the braid. Once you get your desired braid length, secure it with an elastic band and then carefully tug on it to loosen the braid to give it a more casual and romantic look.

3. Easy, Beachy Waves

Relaxed, beachy waves aren’t just for coastal brides—they can create a casual and gorgeous look for any landlocked bride as well. There are several ways to create this tussled, pretty look, so you may need to do a bit of practice before your wedding to see which technique is going to work best for your hair. One of the easiest ways to get these waves is to wrap sections of your hair around a small or large barrel curling iron and then spritz with your favorite holding spray or gel. This technique works best for those who have a bit of a natural wave in their hair to start with and who don’t need a bunch of product to help out. For fine hair, start out with damp hair and add a bit of product to help create waves. Once your hair is about halfway dry, part your hair and then twist your hair into two buns. When your hair completely dries you should have some body and wave to your hair.

4. Natural You

beach wedding

You know what the best wedding hairstyle is? One that makes it look like it’s you walking down that aisle. Your future spouse won’t care (or let’s face it, remember) what intricate updo you had on your wedding day. All they’re going to see is your beautiful face, and all they’re going to remember is the vows that you’ll say to each other. On your wedding day, let your hair do its thing (with perhaps a little bit more effort than what you normally put into it). If your hair is curly, wear it curly and natural. If your hair is stick straight, then don’t put in hours of effort trying to get it to curl in a curling iron. Everyone wants to feel special and beautiful on their day, but don’t spend so much time and money on it that you feel stressed. Add a bit of pizzazz to your normal hair routine by adding a few sparkly pins or a clip that will make your do look a little more glamorous. When all else fails, let the veil be the showstopper.

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