4 Steps Even a Beauty Minimalist Should Take for Her Wedding Day

A bride wearing a strapless dress and a long veil with minimal makeup.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her wedding day, but not every woman agrees on what that really means. For some, the bridal look is about a full face of glamorous makeup. For others, it’s about looking as natural (but pretty) as you possibly can.

If you fall into the later camp, you’re in luck! We’ve got a few beauty tips just for you, which will help you look absolutely stunning as you walk down the aisle—even without using all the makeup. Whatever you do, consider using these simple tips to achieve your wedding day look.

1. Drink a Ton of Water to Keep Your Skin Glowing

A young woman with blonde hair reading a glass of water.

Really, this is a tip that every bride should follow, beauty minimalist or not. Drinking water is great for your health, and it can help improve your energy levels (which is critical after all those months of wedding planning). But hydration is also a key factor in having healthy-looking skin.

Stars like Beyoncé and Karlie Kloss credit this simple tip for their incredible complexions. Drinking water can help replenish your skin cells, giving you that dewy, fresh-faced look so many of us are going for. It can also help reduce puffiness, particularly under your eyes.

Now, am I saying you need to guzzle a gallon a day like Queen Bey? Not unless you want to take a bathroom break in the middle of your vows. But if you want to have healthy, beautiful skin (and just feel better in general) on your big day, make sure you get at least eight glasses of water a day.

2. Step up Your Skin Care to Keep it Healthy

A woman washing her face at the sink in a bathroom.

The easiest way for any bride to look like a goddess on her wedding day is to have beautiful, glowing skin. But beautiful, glowing skin doesn’t just happen overnight! If you’re a beauty minimalist who wants to go bare-faced on your big day, you need to invest in great skin care, staring from the moment you accept the proposal!

What kind of skin care should you use? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. Everyone’s skin is so different that no two women will need the exact same things! If you’re not sure what treatments or products will help your skin look its best, talk to a dermatologist or skin care specialist. They can help you find the routine that’s right for you.

However, there is one bit of skin care advice that applies to everyone: don’t try anything new too close to the wedding! You never know which products or beauty treatments (that includes facials, chemical peels, or even sheet masks) will react poorly with your skin, so stick to the products you know as the big day approaches. The last thing anyone needs is an allergic reaction the night before they walk down the aisle!

3. Keep Your Brows Tidy to Frame Your Face

A woman with dark hair getting her eyebrows threaded.

Big, full eyebrows are all the rage these days, which is a blessing to those of us who used to spend hours plucking into oblivion. But having bushy brows doesn’t mean letting them grow willy-nilly; it’s important to keep your eyebrows looking trim and tidy.

If you’re not comfortable doing your own brows, don’t worry. There are plenty of salons that will be happy to help you make your brows look perfect for your wedding. Just make sure you give you skin time to settle from the waxing, plucking, or threading (the day before is usually fine). If you do your brows the morning of, you may be swollen and red as you say “I do.”

If you do decide to do your own brows, make sure you invest in quality tools to help you out. A bad pair of tweezers will end up breaking your delicate eyebrow hairs instead of pulling them out, and that can waste your time and result in a subpar look. Get yourself a nice pair of tweezers and some small scissors (sometimes, trimming is better than plucking) and practice, practice, practice.

4. Invest in Great Makeup Basics for What You Do Want to Use

Even if you never wear makeup in your everyday life, you’ll probably wind up wearing a little bit on your wedding day. After all, this is a very special occasion—and one that comes with a lot of photographic evidence.

Of course, you should feel comfortable and like yourself on your wedding day (your partner is marrying you for you, with or without contour and highlight), so if you don’t want to go full glam, that’s OK. But if you do want to get a little gussied up, make sure you have some really good products.

If you ask me (a beauty minimalist who can count on one hand the number of times she’s worn makeup since high school), the two products to focus on are mascara and lipstick. For mascara, you want something that will give your lashes length and make them look thicker, especially if your naked lashes are blonde. For lipstick, you don’t have to go for that Taylor Swift red lip. Instead, try a nice lip stain in a subtle pink or berry shade. It will give your pout a nice pop of color and help moisturize your lips for that big kiss!

However you decide to do your makeup, make sure that your wedding day look is one you love. If you’re enjoying yourself, looking happy and in love, you won’t be able to help being absolutely beautiful.

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