5 Makeup Tricks for the Bride Who Wants to Look Natural

A bride with a natural makeup look

While it can be fun to put on a bold look for your wedding, many brides want makeup that accentuates their natural features with very little extra color or shimmer. Setting aside the fun shades for the bachelorette party, you can select products and techniques that merely focus on what is naturally part of your beautiful face. When choosing a makeup style that makes you look natural, a few excellent strategies can help you look exactly like yourself even when you are wearing makeup.

1. Test Different Colors of Concealer and Foundation to Find the Best Match

While many shades of concealer and foundation may look good on you, there will probably be only one, maybe two, that truly “match” your skin-tone, evening out without adding pallor or tan. Try to sample a variety of shades, either through your day-of makeup artist or by visiting a makeup counter, to find something that is light and sheer to avoid that cakey look. A good strategy is to try the shades you are considering in a couple different lights, and keep a mirror handy—what may look like it matches under a bright light may look different in other levels of light.

A makeup artist applies a neutral lip liner to a bride

2. Choose a Lip Color or Gloss That Keeps Your Lips Looking Healthy

Many lipsticks aim toward the bold, drawing attention to brightness or slick shine. With a great lip color or gloss for a natural look, the main goal is to make your lips look like their healthiest version. This may mean just a balm that fights chapped lips—you will be talking a lot during your wedding, so you will be prone to drying out your lips. You can also choose a slightly tinted gloss, especially if you feel like you haven’t been getting all the sleep you need lately. Finally, plenty of excellent matte glosses exist in nude colors, which you can test the same way you tested foundations and concealers for a great match.

3. One Swipe of Mascara and No Liner

For most people, their eyes are arresting enough as it is: eye makeup adds pizzazz but doesn’t emphasize a natural bridal look. For those whose lashes are hard to see without it, a quick layer of mascara can add enough color for definition without making the lashes imposing. Skipping the eyeliner allows the beauty of your face without makeup to shine through: less bold but equally beautiful to your best night-out look. Your eyes still pop when your partner looks into them, and you don’t have to worry about bits of makeup getting in your eyes and causing you to tear up. There may be enough happy tears anyway, and this way you won’t be wearing enough mascara and eyeliner to worry about it running!

A makeup artist puts natural blush on a bride

4. Neutral Shadows and Subtle Blush

For both eyes and cheeks, it makes sense to have a slight difference in tone: our faces have natural distinctions in color around the apples of your cheeks and eyelids. With eyelids, it is nice to choose a shadow that is only a couple shades different from your skin tone, and check ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t have too much of a shimmer. You can love a glittery shadow as much as the next girl and still not love it for a natural look. For cheeks, pinch them and see the tone you get from a natural flush; try try to find a color that matches a toned-down version of that. Apply lightly, since you may be blushing a little anyway during your ceremony when you see your beloved up that aisle.

5. The Best Strategy? A Great Cleansing and Moisturizing Regimen

Many girls think makeup begins with the foundation, but honestly, skin health is the most essential part of a natural look. Even if you don’t prioritize skin care at other times, focus on getting a gentle cleanser and a light moisturizer that works for your skin a few weeks out from the wedding: make sure that you give enough time to ensure it doesn’t react badly to your skin. Keeping your skin clean will help with preventing breakouts and will reduce the dried skin that can make a natural look less lovely. We all have facial imperfections, but a happy, healthy face looks beautiful and bright before you even start adding makeup.

Armed with these tips, you can keep your makeup routine to a minimum before the wedding, and still feel like you look your absolute best. If you are accustomed to a bold green shadow or dark crimson lips, try a few different natural looks in the weeks leading up to the wedding. You’ll get used to how lovely your face also looks without bright makeup, and you’ll get comfortable with how a natural look works for your unique complexion.

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