5 Wedding Hairstyles to Last all Day

A bride standing in front of a purple wisteria bush, wearing a thick braid in her hair.

A bride on her wedding day will spend hours making sure she looks perfect. Of course, it’s not hard to understand why: this is a day she’s probably been dreaming about for quite some time and the dress, makeup, and hair should be just so as this dream becomes reality. However, if you’re not thinking ahead, that stunning hairdo may not last all night—leaving you with limp, uninspiring hair by the end of the evening!

If you want your ‘do to last from your first step down the aisle to the last stanza of the last song, make sure to wear a hairstyle that’s built to hold up. Everyone’s hair is different, but these styles just might keep you looking coiffed all night.

1. The Bridal Braid

I’m not sure if we should credit Elsa from Frozen or Daenerys from Game of Thrones for the rise in popularity of the braided bridal hairstyle. There are many variations, from a braided crown across the top of the head to a fishtail braid falling over one shoulder, and they all look romantic and very regal.

The benefits of a braided hairdo are pretty obvious; if the hair is braided in place, it won’t fall out! However, if your hair has particularly short layers or if you plan to spend the evening tearing up the dance floor, it might be worth it to ask your stylist for a few extra bobby pins to hold your braid in place.

2. Half-up, Half-down

A bride with long blonde hair and a veil.

The half-up, half-down look is already a go-to among brides who want a romantic, yet somewhat casual, style. The pulled-back sections of hair give the elegant appearance of an updo (not to mention an easy place to attach your veil), while the hair left falling down gives a more relaxed vibe. Together, they create the perfect low-maintenance look that will last all evening!

Unlike more involved styles, which run the risk of falling out completely, the half-up, half-down look tends to be simple enough to stay put. It also mimics two styles your hair is probably used to already so it won’t try to fight staying in place.

3. An Intense Updo

The profile of a bride with a lace dress and a twisted updo.

Maybe minimalism isn’t your thing. Maybe you want a hairstyle that’s the epitome of extravagance: a bouffant in the front, French twist in the back, and all the hair accessories your scalp can handle! Just be sure that you take some precautions to make sure it lasts all evening.

When you’re wearing a complicated updo, pins and product are the name of the game. Ask your stylist to bring along a strong-hold hairspray (ideally one that doesn’t leave your hair too stiff or crunchy to the touch) and as many bobby pins as they can carry. With enough extra security in your hair, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding without worrying about a few rogue strands.

4. Bedhead Chic

A red-headed bride with a bohemian updo.

Some girls have hair that just won’t cooperate. If your locks insist on doing their own thing, it might be best to embrace it and opt for a messy-chic style. This can mean a lot of things: a loose bun, a bohemian-style braid with pieces pulled out to frame the face, or even some beachy waves left well enough alone. Best of all, any shift in your hairstyle during the wedding can simply add to the casual and carefree vibe you’re giving off!

5. The Ballerina Bun

A smiling bride with her hair in her bun, wearing a veil.

Slicked back hair and a ballerina bun is a look that screams modern sophistication. It’s a perfect choice for the minimalist bride who wants her hair up and out of the way! There are a few variations on this look including a low bun at the nape of the neck, but the finished product is always classically beautiful.

When you’re wearing a ballerina bun, you shouldn’t have to worry about your hair falling out on the dance floor. After all, ballerinas dance in these beauties all the time! Just be sure that your stylist has properly secured the bun and you’ll be ready for a pas de deux with your lifelong dance partner!

If you’re worried about your hair lasting through your wedding day, talk to your hairstylist at a pre-wedding consultation. Chances are good that they will know which styles suit your type of hair and how to make them fit your overall wedding aesthetic. With a little expert advice, you can enjoy a stunning wedding hairdo that won’t fall out on the dance floor !

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