6 Beauty Splurges That Are Worth it for Any Bride

A young woman getting a facial with candles surrounding her.

Many aspects of your wedding beauty routine can be done on a very low budget, but there are a few things that are seriously worth the splurge. When planning for your big day, include these six things in your beauty budget and you’ll be looking polished and radiant on your wedding day!

1. A High Quality Foundation

A simple but important thing to consider is your choice of foundation for your wedding day makeup. While you may feel like any everyday foundation will do, remember that this is a day on which you want to be sure your foundation will last from morning until late at night—so you’ll likely need a more heavy hitter than what’s in your standard arsenal. Another important thing to think about when choosing a wedding day foundation is how well it looks in photographs. Many foundations have ingredients that actually produce a white cast (sometimes referred to as “flashback”) over your face, which messes with the look of your complexion in photos. This is often caused by SPF in foundations, although there are some on the market that include low amounts of SPF and therefore don’t produce flashback in photography. It’s important to seek out high-quality foundations that will make you look amazing both on camera and off.

2. A Gel or Dip Manicure

A young woman wearing a delicate gold engagement ring with a pastel manicure as she's holding her hair.

Although many brides get manicures before their wedding (hello, girls’ day with your bridesmaids!), you should actually consider going with a more heavy-duty option so you don’t need to worry about chipped nails for your celebration or even your honeymoon. There are a few options currently on the market that work well for this: a gel manicure, which uses a UV light to cure the polish, or a new trend called “dip” nails, using a unique powder that you literally dip your nails into. Both options tend to last at least two weeks on your nails without chipping, so it’s really a matter of preference as to which you choose. These are recommended over a traditional manicure, however, and are well worth the higher price tag to avoid the potential of having chipped nails on your wedding day!

3. A Facial

Taking care of your skin before your wedding begins long before you can see the big day on your calendar, but getting a facial a few weeks before your big day can have a great effect on the overall look and feel of your skin. Make sure you don’t do this right before the wedding day, however, since you want to give your skin time to adjust to the treatment and you don’t want to wake up to a wedding morning break-out. With people watching you all day long, you’ll want your skin to look at its absolute best and a facial is a great option to help you look as radiant as possible on your wedding.

4. Teeth Whitening

A young woman getting her teeth professionally whitened.

There are a few different ways to make sure your smile is as bright as possible for your big day, including professional teeth whitening done in a dentist office, professional whitening done at home, or a quick over-the-counter variety. Depending on your tooth sensitivity and how much flexibility you have in your budget, you may choose one option over the others, but either way, it’s well worth the cost to make sure you have the whitest, brightest smile as you walk down the aisle.

5. A Professional Spray Tan

If you’re choosing to get a tan before the big day, it’s very important that you do not go with the tanning booth option, where you stand in the middle of a booth and essentially a machine gives you your spray tan. Although this is perfectly fine for regular use, you’ll definitely want a professional airbrusher to do the tan for you before your wedding. Using a professional is preferable in this case because they’ll work hard to make your tan look as natural as possible, even to the point of mimicking the way the sun would naturally hit you and adjusting the tan to suit that. The last thing you want is an uneven tan on your wedding day, so it’s important to splurge for a professional artist.

6. A Hair and Makeup Trial

A bride getting her hair and makeup done before her wedding.

Many hair and makeup artists will do a trial of your wedding day look for you before the day arrives, but this service does often cost a fee. Although it may seem like money that could be spent elsewhere, especially if you trust your artists, we highly recommend going for it and getting a trial run. What if you think you know what look you want, but then when you see it for the first time on your wedding day, you’re not happy with it? Better for that to happen two months before the vows than two hours before! Knowing what you’re going to look like before walking down the aisle will be well worth the extra cash. Plus, establishing a relationship with the artists who will be with you on your special day will help you feel more comfortable and confident the morning of. This service is well worth its price tag.

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